Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Slow Down and Enjoy the Little Things

It feels like it was just yesterday, when my teammates and I were elected to state office in June. Time has flown by since then and we have been going non stop on this Indiana FFA roller coaster of awesomeness. In all of the craziness of State Fair, the Farm Progress Show auction, Chapter visits, and conferences, I have been going full speed and have not taken much time to slow down and enjoy all the little things.
During the month of October, Cole, Mrs. Chaudion, Mr. Park, and I payed a visit to Mrs. Doris Hackman. Mrs. Hackman is the loveliest woman who lives in a farm house all by herself at the age of ninety-two years old. She is a long time supporter of the FFA, a wonderful cook (she makes delicious halloween cookies), and has she has wonderful stories to share. While sitting in her living room, Mrs. Hackman shared stories about how she met her husband, tips on freezing fruit, and, of course, her love for farming, FFA and agriculture. For once, a million thoughts weren’t running through my mind. In that moment I was able to sit in Mrs. Doris Hackman’s living room and enjoy these little moments. As I think back to that visit, I can’t help but be reminded of this I poem by Christy Martine that goes like this;

When your world moves too fast
and you lose yourself in the chaos,
introduce yourself
to each color of the sunset.
Reacquaint yourself with the earth
beneath your feet.
Thank the air that surrounds you
with every breath you take.
Find yourself in the appreciation of life.

Now as I’m sitting here writing this blog I’m taking it slow and soaking up the little things, like the warm soup in my orange speckled Halloween mug, the crisp orange leaves falling into my hammock, and the little minnow I just watched chase down a water bug. I can’t help but be so grateful for Mrs. Doris Hackman for teaching me how important it is to appreciate all of the little things in life.

Thankful and loving life,
Natalie Taylor
State Reporter


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