Friday, August 24, 2012

A Truly Sensational Summer

     Don't blink, or you'll miss it. That's how this summer has felt. It's been two short months since we were elected as the 2012-2013 State Officer Team, but since then, so much has happened! Three days after being elected, we moved into the Leadership Center and it was time for our first team training, Blast Off. After that it was on to Illinois for the National Leadership Conference for State Officers, another team training. At NLCSO, we met state officers from Missouri, Wisconsin, and Illinois as well as gaining valuable skills that will come in handy throughout our year. From there, we jumped straight into our first camp - Summer Challenge! The theme was CSI: Trafalgar and members discovered the true power of community service. It was truly amazing to see what my team could do with just two days to plan a conference.
     Once Summer Challenge was over, the state officers had one thing on our minds, State Fair! All in all, we spent 32 days there between set up, the fair itself, and tear down. Many visitors told us that they think the pavilion looked the best it ever has. This tells me one thing...that Indiana FFA members are truly talented! After all, it was everyone who came to help set up the pavilion that made it look truly awesome. While it was exhausting, it was a good time of team bonding, meeting members, and telling the story of FFA and agriculture to the fair going public. With August coming to an end, school starting back up, and the temperatures getting cooler, I look forward to starting chapter visits and seeing all of you at district kick-offs.