Thursday, December 20, 2012

Indiana FFA Paying it Forward!!!

Living to serve....My teammates and I were able to live up to the FFA Motto by serving meals to the less fortunate at the Wheeler Mission this past Monday afternoon for 2 hours. We all really enjoyed giving back to the community and helping others during the holiday season. It really made us think about and appreciate what we have and how easy it can be taken away. I challenge you all to "Pay it Forward" whether at school, home, church, or somewhere in your community. You will never know how much you can make an IMPACT in the lives of someone else. 


From FFA: Following the Future of Agriculture

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Living to Serve.....

Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to Serve. That's the FFA motto that FFA members follow, Especially the Shenandoah FFA Chapter. This Past Sunday the seven FFA State Officers were invited by the chapter to help put on the Snug Harbor Christmas Party. It was a Christmas party for about 130 special people in the community to enjoy a meal and meet and receive presents from Santa! The Walker County Band even played Christmas songs to enjoy during the meal. The members and officers organized the event, served the food, and helped pass out the gifts doing all of this with a smile on their face. We had made an impact on the lives of those people and the community. The State Officers then made our way to the Hickey's to enjoy some amazing food, fellowship, and presents! It is days like these I will remember for the rest of my life....

Thursday, December 13, 2012

For the past two and a half weeks the state officers have been traveling around the state on their Business and Industry Visit Tour. The team has thoroughly enjoyed visiting our partners and learning more about the agriculture industry! This tour would not have been possible without our sponsor of this year's Goodwill Visits, Ice Miller. A huge thank you goes out to them for such a generous and growing partnership! Beth Bechdol, an Ice Miller employee, even joined us on our visit to Indiana Packers of Delphi, Indiana. We truly appreciate our sponsors. Words cannot describe how much their partnership means to our organization! Their support provides FFA members across the state with endless opportunities and enables the Indiana FFA and its members to grow, learn, and experience success.

The Indiana FFA State Officers with Sikich and Ice Miller at an Agribusiness update!

From FFA: Following the Future of Agriculture

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We were going to see SANTA! The excitement inside of me was pumping. After I realized I would not actually be able to see the jolly man himself, we still took time to enjoy all of the wonderful Christmas decorations and wonderful atmosphere.  While being on business and industry visits we have had the opportunity to visit many different agriculture businesses. I soon realized how many businesses had the same values and morals and how those played a factor in their company. It was also extremely exciting for me to see all of the different decorations in each business. Christmas is very near. Make sure you take time to remember the true meaning of Christmas and spend your Christmas with the ones that you love most!

From FFA: Following the Future of Agriculture