Sunday, February 12, 2023

My Top 5 FFA Week Memories

As we head into FFA Week, I thought that it would be neat to share some of my favorite experiences. I can’t wait to spend FFA Week with Districts 10 & 11! In order to celebrate, here is a look back at my experience:

  1. Randolph County Farmer Olympics

  • This is my top memory from FFA Week. During my senior year our Chapter decided to put on a county-wide ag olympics for our FFA chapters to participate in. It was hosted at Monroe Central and included milk chugging, corn eating, a bale toss, relay race, and more. I was competing in the milk chugging contest. I chugged ½ a gallon of ice-cold milk in less than 2 minutes! Luckily there was a trash can nearby. As the night went on, Monroe Central pulled ahead and the blue and gold concrete chicken stayed home! This chicken will serve as the traveling trophy for the winner each year. I had the most fun during this event!


  1. Indiana FFA Advocacy Day

  • I had the opportunity to travel to the State Capitol for Advocacy Day last year. I met lots of new friends and reconnected with some friends that I had made at SOAR and FIRE! I found it super interesting meeting with the legislators. It was also super interesting going on a tour since I hadn’t been in the State Capitol before. Looking back, some of my State Officer teammates were also there and look where we are now! Although it isn’t during FFA Week this year, I would highly encourage you to go!

  1. Teacher Appreciation Breakfast 

  • Let’s face it, school staff do a lot for FFA. Whether it is cleaning up our messes after an event, the teachers that pass along their knowledge, or administration that allows us to miss school for FFA events. We always did a Staff Appreciation Breakfast every year to give back to them. They enjoyed hearing more about what we do in FFA, and we even let them play trivia about our chapter! As an aspiring teacher, I know this is something that I would love to be a part of. 

  1. Elementary Visit

  • Our chapter officer team did an FFA Week trivia and relay race at our elementary school. If you didn’t know, I have a big heart for elementary kiddos and almost went into elementary education! We had the opportunity to talk to the sixth graders about joining FFA next year, which was so fun! 

  1. Randolph County Farmer’s Achievement Banquet

  • Each year we celebrate our county’s accomplishments in FFA, 4-H, and Agriculture in general. Sometimes, this falls during FFA Week. We get into official dress and have a banquet to honor CDE winners, award scholarships, and hear from a speaker. This is a fun night every year and gives our county competition to be the top county team in each CDE! 

As we head into FFA Week I have some advice for you. Make sure to take advantage of every opportunity! There may be activities that you think are silly or don’t mean a lot, but they may inspire a whole new outlook on life for you. My challenge for everyone reading this is to find some way to give back during FFA Week. Whether that be thanking your ag teacher, posting your FFA experience on social media, making a donation to FFA, or teaching someone something about our organization. I hope that you have an amazing FFA Week! 

                                                     Best wishes, 

                                                 Gracie Lee

                                                                Indiana FFA State Reporter

Monday, February 6, 2023


“You only live once.” A phrase often said by my younger sister before she made what I thought was a questionable decision. Growing up, Josie loved to try new things at full speed ahead, while her older sister was a lot more cautious… Josie got her back handspring in gymnastics, jumped into the deep end, and learned to drive all before I had even started my pro and con list. I was so jealous of her optimism, and angry at her little “yolo” before accomplishing something I had only thought about doing. Honestly even now, she dyed her hair blonde, made the cheer team, and is trying lacrosse for the first time with her “yolo” attitude, but my attitude has changed a little bit. Instead of anger and jealousy, I look at Josie with a lot more admiration and appreciation.

Josie helped change my outlook. While I saw the potential outcomes, Josie saw the possibilities. I saw failure, and Josie saw success. I thought “I only have one life,” while Josie believed “you only live once.” I also realized that her attitude had made me better. After seeing her get her back handspring in gymnastics, I did too. I watched her jump off the deep end and went in after her. And I saw her confidence driving, which helped me find it too. Her bravery influenced me to be brave also. 

While I don’t plan on being blonde or a lacrosse player anytime soon, I do try to have a little more of her “you only live once” attitude. She continues to teach me to be confident in trying new things, be brave, and to say no to fear. I think we can all focus a little more on the possibilities, success, and this chance we have to enjoy the life we have now. Thanks Jos :)


                             Jenna Kelsay