Thursday, June 26, 2014

Living the Dream

The 2014-2015 Indiana FFA Officers has taken over Trafalgar, Indiana! Since we arrived on June 22nd it has been action packed with Blast Off and fun team bonding activities in our free time! 

Tuesday Miss. Sam Paschal from the National FFA Organization arrived. She was excited to teach our hungry minds with skills to use as state officers. Each session was directed with a themes. Some of those include but are not limited too  how to communicate, understanding our strengths and find how they benefit the team, executing short statements to advocate FFA and five positive influence actions. 

After we finished up the evening at Blast Off we worked diligently on the Fall Impact and, utilized our time to relax to bond with each other. From swimming in the 5 1/2 acre pond, to exploring the outdoors and finishing up the evening with a good movie we never had a dull moment. 

Finishing up this week we will be heading to NLCSO conference in Springfield, Illinois to further our talents and skills! The officer team is much excited to host West Region Vice President Jason Wetzler to come facilitate Summer Challenge here at the center!  

 Session during the Blast Off training in the Fellowship Center.
 Team after working in the office on the Fall Impact.
 Playing "King of the Mountain" on the super awesome slide!
Derek and Dakota before we headed out on the open road for a team bike ride!!

Hope to see you all very soon at Summer Challenge,
Lindsey O'Hara
Northern Region Vice President