Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Rooted In Love

For the final time, your 2022-2023 Indiana FFA State Officers: 

The greatest yet most challenging year of my life. But I was able to spend it with my six teammates and nearly 14,000 members who all showed me who I really am. From across the state, I was welcomed as a friend and allowed me to be myself not just another State Officer. I learned over the course of traveling the state how to truly be genuine, authentic and make lasting memories with everyone! All I have to say is Thank You. Thank you for the open arms. Thank you for the endless support and good luck wishes. Thank you for the kind words on a bad day. Thank you for encouraging me that I can always do more. Thank you for being each of you and getting to know me. Thank you for everything INFFA. Remember to throw the Big Talk out the window and find out what kind of leader you really are.

Proud to have served,
Seth Ariens
2022-2023 State President

Rooted, as I progressed through this year, I always wondered what my time as a State Officer would be like. While it had it’s bumps in the road the one thing that never changed was the members passion. Every time I had an interaction with a member all of the passion, energy, and love for this organization lit a spark that continued to push me. I am so proud that throughout this year you all have encouraged me and pushed me to stay ROOTED to who I was before State Office and now as I leave. Just remember as you progress in life's journey let your curiosity drive you.

Ever grateful,
Tobias Sturgell
2022-2023 State Secretary

What a year! I can’t believe how fast time has gone, but doesn’t the saying go “Time flys when you’re having fun.”? Thank you all for one of the most exciting, thrilling, and most impactful years of my life. I will be forever grateful for each of you that I had the opportunity of meeting. Never forget that this is the moment you were created for, so shine your light and share it proudly. Each of you have been the truest examples of allowing your purpose to shine through all that you do. You each have taught me more than I could have imagined & reminded me to appreciate my roots.  Thank you for the year of a lifetime.

With love,
Mary Jones
2022-2023 State Northern Region Vice President

All I can say is thank you. Every single person who shared a handshake, smile, or laugh with me has made my heart smile. You all had faith in me, allowing me to grow much farther than I ever imagined. I also have faith in all of you, to continue to succeed, celebrate, and grow. Remember to be positive, expand your comfort zone, and choose people who allow you to thrive. Here's to much more growth :)

Rooted in so much love,
Jenna Kelsay
2022-2023 State Southern Region Vice President

Three hundred seventy-one days. From Jun 16th, 2022, to Jun 22nd, 2023, I wore an association jacket. While I wore it with pride and joy, I knew what was beneath the jacket was who I wanted to be, and who I wanted to be was me. Through meeting all of you this year, I stayed rooted in myself and wanted to show all 13,980 members of Indiana FFA that your goals can be reached, while staying true to yourself. It doesn't take a person to wear this jacket, it takes a leader. Become your own kind of leader and leave this world better than how you found it. The gift of life is short, so make the most of everyday, so we can have a better tomorrow. Find your passions, search for adventure, and stay rooted to who you are. 

It's been real, it's been fun, and it's been real fun,
Anthony Taylor 
2022-2023 State Treasurer

Indiana FFA, what an honor it has been to serve you. This past year has been filled with the biggest laughs, lots of sweat, tears, and maybe not blood but definitely a broken tailbone! Thank you to everyone who ever believed in me this past year and welcomed me into your life. The connections that I’ve made during this past year will never be forgotten. Thank you for reminding me that I am enough and that there is no impact too small. Always remember to stay rooted in yourself and in our organization, you never know where that will take you. Indiana FFA, thank you for hearing my thunder!   

Forever grateful, 
Gracie Lee 
2022-2023 State Reporter 

At the start of this year, I had no idea what I would away with. I thought that I would build up connections and I hoped to make an impact, but I never imagined that I could have formed relationships in the magnitude that I did. To the members, thank you for teaching me how to be vulnerable and spread joy. To the advisors, thank you for your wisdom, insight, and support. To staff, thank you for guiding us along the year and wanting us to have the best experience possible. And to my team, thank you for teaching me how to let my walls down tell people I love them. 

I may be done with my position, but I am certainly not done with FFA. Each time I step away, I always come back. So as the saying goes, this isn’t goodbye but see you later. As I round off my year the only advice I have is to show people Jesus and stay ROOTED in your values. This looks different for everyone, and in essence it just means to love people and show people grace no matter who they are. I hope that’s what I was able to accomplish this year. Indiana FFA, I love you.

God bless,
Jaden Maze
2022-2023 State Sentinel

Indiana FFA - you have shaped our lives forever. To serve the members of Indiana FFA has been our pleasure. Thank you for your belief in us! Continue to grow your roots in this organization. Our goal as a team was to show our authentic selves, and we challenge each member to do the same. You all have shown us what it means to lead with a servant's heart. Thank you all for your support, belief, and passion to not only our team, but this entire organization.

Rooted in love, 
2022-2023 Indiana FFA State Officer Team