Saturday, September 29, 2012

       The past week has flown by, of course that is what happens when you are having fun! All the State Officers left Sunday evening for northern Indiana to continue Chapter visits and District Kickoffs.  Through random Walmart stops, many McDonalds runs, much needed naps, talking to Michelin Men on the side of tires, and singing loud to the radio, Shelby and I had an amazing week traveling the great state of Indiana. Our GPS was acting up on the last day of traveling, but that did not slow us down. Just a few wrong turns, and short circles later we would eventually reach our destination! I would like to thank District II, V, VIII, and XI for a great week! Briley and I got invited to attend the Pumpkin Show Parade in Versailles, IN this weekend. It was an absolute blast to walk in the parade and pass out candy with the Milan FFA Chapter. Jac-Cen-Del and South Ripley FFA Chapters also had an FFA float in the parade! The parade was an overall success and we thank Ripley County for being so welcoming to us both! This next week the officer team will be getting everything ready for S.O.A.R. so I hope everyone is excited!

From FFA: Following the Future of Agriculture

Friday, September 21, 2012

The week was a crazy one that is for sure. LDW was held on Friday to Sunday.  After camp ended we went out for pizza and then began packing for District Kick- Offs and Chapter Visits. It was finally time to hit the road with my travel partners for the week, Katherine and Briley. We were rocking down the road in Katherine’s spacious vehicle all the way to District I. Throughout the week you may have heard us singing as we drove through DI, DIV, DVII, DX. We voted and we definitely know that we will not be going on American Idol, anytime soon. All I know is that we had an awesome time and I loved every second of this last week. As I got to know the students and the FFA members, I loved to hear what they were truly interested in. It amazes me how truly blessed our state is. On our travels we conducted classroom presentations during the day and then headed to the Kick-Offs at night.  It was a wonderful week on the road. Even if I felt like I was living out of the car, it was still magical and worth every second of it. Happily sleeping in my own bed again,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Indiana FFA State Officers are getting ready to lasso up some leadership at LDW 2012!We have been busy planning sessions, shooting videos, and getting pumped up for over 100 FFA members around the state to come to the Leadership Center! We are looking forward to three days jamed pack full of team bonding and leadership building activities!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Work Hard Play Hard

      If I could describe this week at the state officer house in one word it would be productive! The officers started out the week well rested from our weekend home. We went straight to work on scheduling chapter visits, planning district kickoffs, and working on the first Leadership Development Workshop. The team is pumped to start traveling the state meeting members! :) Besides FFA business, the team has had a ton of fun after office hours this week! We've been the ultimate movie junkies, Facebook creepers, swimmers, interpretive dancers, and trampoline jumpers! Needless to say we have made some funny memories! We can't wait to see everyone next weekend at the Leadership Development Workshop, Premier Leadership Training, or chapter visits! Get pumped Indiana FFA members!!! :)

Practicing my dance moves on the mini trampoline at the state officer house...always a fun time! :)