Friday, September 21, 2012

The week was a crazy one that is for sure. LDW was held on Friday to Sunday.  After camp ended we went out for pizza and then began packing for District Kick- Offs and Chapter Visits. It was finally time to hit the road with my travel partners for the week, Katherine and Briley. We were rocking down the road in Katherine’s spacious vehicle all the way to District I. Throughout the week you may have heard us singing as we drove through DI, DIV, DVII, DX. We voted and we definitely know that we will not be going on American Idol, anytime soon. All I know is that we had an awesome time and I loved every second of this last week. As I got to know the students and the FFA members, I loved to hear what they were truly interested in. It amazes me how truly blessed our state is. On our travels we conducted classroom presentations during the day and then headed to the Kick-Offs at night.  It was a wonderful week on the road. Even if I felt like I was living out of the car, it was still magical and worth every second of it. Happily sleeping in my own bed again,

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