Friday, September 7, 2012

Work Hard Play Hard

      If I could describe this week at the state officer house in one word it would be productive! The officers started out the week well rested from our weekend home. We went straight to work on scheduling chapter visits, planning district kickoffs, and working on the first Leadership Development Workshop. The team is pumped to start traveling the state meeting members! :) Besides FFA business, the team has had a ton of fun after office hours this week! We've been the ultimate movie junkies, Facebook creepers, swimmers, interpretive dancers, and trampoline jumpers! Needless to say we have made some funny memories! We can't wait to see everyone next weekend at the Leadership Development Workshop, Premier Leadership Training, or chapter visits! Get pumped Indiana FFA members!!! :)

Practicing my dance moves on the mini trampoline at the state officer house...always a fun time! :)

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