Friday, June 3, 2016

Thank you, Indiana FFA!

Indiana FFA,

From the moment the final gavel tapped, we faced countless adventures. Whether it was tubing on Lake Tippecanoe during state fair retreat, traveling over 2,000 miles to over 100 chapters during district kick-offs, or taking a trip to Arkansas to learn more about Heifer International, we were able to visit nearly all 92 counties and five different states. This kind of intense travel, intense commitment, and intense schedule would not happen without some support. We would like to say thank you to all who helped make our year successful.

To the group of selfless educators who are not celebrated enough, we say thank you. This year we were forced to leave our own classrooms, but felt at home each time we entered one of yours. You gave us a pep talk when we were frustrated, medicine when we looked sick, and your couch when we looked tired. Most importantly, you gave us your years of wisdom, so that our one year of service could be amplified.

To those who have supported us since before we could walk, we say thank you. Your phone calls may have annoyed us at times, but we always knew that you were there for us when we needed it most. You may not have known exactly what we were signing up for, but never once stopped from giving us your unconditional love and support. From an early age, you taught us the importance of character, and that coupled with your example, allowed us to amplify our role as mentors.

To the group of talented FFA members who made our journey worthwhile, we say thank you. You gave us countless laughs and friendships, traveled many hours to the FFA Center to listen to the lessons we wanted to share, and opened your homes to us when we were too tired to travel any longer. When we felt like we weren’t making a difference, your excitement reminded us that we were. We signed up to amplify your life, but as the year went on, our biggest surprise was how much you amplified ours.

This year was the adventure of a lifetime. We cannot believe how quickly it sped by. Without the support of advisors, our families, and FFA members, this year would not have been possible. This year has amplified our character, talents, and futures. For that we will forever be thankful.

Forever changed and always grateful,
2015-2016 Indiana FFA State Officers
Annalee, Brett, Courtney, Joshua, Kenzie, Mason, and Sean