Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Cultivating Intentionality

Throughout the past couple of weeks, I have had the chance to really get to know my teammates. The things they love doing, hate doing, what makes them tick, what makes them laugh, and everything in between. We are all completely different people, but we already have managed to find one thing we all somewhat enjoy doing - shopping at the Goodwill Outlet. Now, if you haven’t been to a Goodwill Outlet, I challenge you to hop in your car right now and go find one. There are BINS FULL of clothes, random items, and furniture. I will admit, I had the thought that this was not going to be worth my time before walking through those automatic doors. Honestly, it felt a lot like the beginning of The Hunger Games when the players run and find their weapons and what they think is needed. People were lining the walls, waiting for the bins to be put out for the next rotation. 

As we started in, I found that there was some (surprisingly) high quality stuff. Teammates were rummaging through the bins, finding items that we all needed (especially for the price). These moments are ones I will never take for granted - because we were cultivating intentionality in those small moments. Sometimes, it’s those moments when we are living in the moment and being spontaneous, we make the most unforgettable memories. Throughout my time in the house with my teammates, we have already made those intentional memories. From buying pairs of jeans that are way too large and trying to fit in them, to sitting around the campfire, listening to the sounds of the center while making smores.

We all have the ability to cultivate intentionality. I challenge you to make those memories. Go on those unplanned trips. Take some risks that will allow you to grow individually and with the people surrounding you. Cultivate. Intentionality.

Living purposefully,

Jordyn Wickard

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Keep on the Sunny Side

Soft buzzing sounds, fuzzy yellow bugs with stripes of black zipping around my head, and the sweet sweet smell of nectar and beeswax are the thoughts that filled my head for months. I wanted to become a beekeeper! Just the thought of having bees gave me a jolt of excitement, but also dread. This is because I was going to have to muster up enough courage to ask my parents if they were okay with me wanting to become a beekeeper. My mother was ecstatic and was already sold on the idea when I told her, however, my dad was weary. He hates bees, they can sting him and he does not like the idea that they can do that. Despite this, my mother and I pushed on. 

As a result of my mother and I’s persistence, we have been beekeepers for almost a year and a half now and it is so much fun! We get to go out and enjoy being with the bees, as well as go out and collect swarms across Rush County. While at times it can be stressful it is well worth it. I can spend time with my mom and slowly help my dad overcome his fear of bees, it was well worth it. 

When it comes to presenting a new idea whether it be to a group of classmates, fellow members, or even our family it can be hard to do so. This could be from the thought of your idea or passion being viewed in a negative light rather than the positive one you hold, or the fact that the idea might get shot down. This can be scary, but you do not know until you try. Never bee afraid to bring forth your idea, it would bee a shame.

Keep on the sunny side,

   Jeremiah Geise

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Only Child to 6 New Siblings

Only Child, 6 New Siblings

I grew up in a house with only my mom and me. After spending two weeks with the new team, I started to realize that the crazy had only begun. However, I would not trade these new experiences with built in brothers and sisters for the world. I thought I would include some funny, interesting things I have found out along the way.

Your closet is no longer “your closet”- As we were moving in, all four girls unloaded their bags removing loads of clothes. As I was unpacking my own, all of us made an agreement that our closets were free game. I had never shared clothes before so this was all new to me. I guess my closet size just multiplied by four.

Ordering family size is normal- One of our dinners during base camp was a trip to Buca di Beppo. I had never gone due to the smaller size of my family. As I watched Martin order three large family size entrees, I was shocked. I had no clue how we were going to eat all of it. However, I had to realize that I was no longer eating with one other family member but with eight other people that night.

Your comfort zone will be destroyed- One of the more interesting stories of the first week was trying out the rope swing. To be very honest, I was super scared. As the team started going off the rope one by one, I was still at the top wanting to avoid my turn. It came to the moment everyone had been waiting for. I went to grab on to the rope swing and it took me a good ten minutes before I would swing off. However, I did not let go my first time and instead swung right back onto the ground. It took a lot of encouragement for me to eventually go again and actually land in the water.

We all care about each other no matter what- As we have grown to know each other more this week, we have gotten to know all the nitty gritty about our pasts and why we are the person that you see today. Those personal moments are something I would not trade for the world. The State Officer Team truly is one large family. They are those people that you trust so soon that you wonder if you are crazy. It is a home despite not living in the one you grew up in for so many years.

Dear Kourtney, Nicholas, Tyler, Abby, Jordyn, and Jeremiah,

I am so thankful to be a part of this team with you all this year. I can already tell that we are going to grow so much through this experience and I am glad that I have the pleasure of doing it with you. You all have such kind hearts that have welcomed me in like the family I never knew I needed. The laughs and small moments make this team so special.

With Love,
Madisen Carns

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

2021-2022 Officer Intros

After one final tap of a gavel, seven individuals’ lives changed within a blink of an eye. Each one taking the giant step towards a year of service. Now, it’s your chance to meet them. 

From Madisen Carns,

Hello, Indiana FFA! I am thrilled to be serving the organization this year as your 2021-2022 State Sentinel. I hail from the Mt.Vernon @ Fortville chapter located near Greenfield, Indiana but was an out-of-district student. I do not have the agricultural background of some of my teammates and was raised in a more quiet suburban setting. However, I can proudly say that ever since my sophomore year of high school; I have been highly involved in this wonderful organization. My passion for personal growth and agriculture has only increased through these past couple of years. Also, I cannot lie I am a huge fan of Meats Judging as well. I look forward to meeting all of you and seeing the great things we can accomplish together! Indiana FFA, let's get started on a fantastic year!

From Jeremiah Geise,

Heyo Indiana FFA! I am excited to be serving as the 2021-2022 State Reporter! I hail from the Rushville FFA Chapter in District IX, where I competed in a variety of CDEs and LDEs including; Livestock Skill-a-thon, Soils Judging, Parliamentary Procedure, Agricultural Sales, and Employment Skills. I am very fortunate to have a deep connection to the agricultural industry through my family farm where we raise sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and rabbits, in addition to our apiary. I am excited to travel across the state and learn more about the members of Indiana FFA.

From Jordyn Wickard,

Hey hey, Indiana FFA! I am Jordyn Wickard, and I'm ecstatic to serve Indiana FFA this year as the State Treasurer! I hail from the Eastern Hancock FFA Chapter located in District 8 (get ready, because D8 brings the party). I am from the town of Greenfield, Indiana. I am a lover of all things turquoise, pink drinks, the color yellow, and ANYTHING cows. I grew up on my family farm, where we raise and show registered Angus cattle, and started a Boer goat herd in 2015. My happy place is the barn, and you could often find me there anyday working and washing my livestock. I LOVE people and am often described as a social butterfly. I am beyond excited to build connections with FFA members across this amazing state this year and help members feel valued, loved, and heard. Get excited, Indiana FFA!

From Abby Stuckwisch,

Coming from the small town of Brownstown in District XI, I am ecstatic to be leading Indiana FFA in such a large way! This year I will be serving as the 2021-2022 Indiana FFA State Southern Region Vice President, and when I say I couldn’t be more thrilled, I SERIOUSLY couldn’t be more thrilled. Growing up I definitely had my fair share of exposure to the agriculture world as I helped out my dad on the farm herding pigs, riding in tractors, and stacking firewood. Throughout my time in FFA you could find me attending conferences, participating in crops and soils judging, laughing with my team during parliamentary procedure practices, and spending long hours in the ag room preparing for leadership development events.  My true passion emerged as I participated in the Agriculture Education CDE and began my own Agriculture Education SAE; it is truly this experience that has encouraged me to continue advocating for agriculture and teaching others. As I look forward to this year, I can’t wait to meet, serve, and learn from each and every one of you. Indiana FFA, let’s  get ready for a truly sensational year!

From Tyler Kilmer,

Hello Indiana FFA! I am extremely excited to be serving as the 2021-2022 Indiana FFA Northern Region Vice President. I hail from the Tri-County FFA chapter in Wolcott all the way up in District 1. For as long as I can remember I have been involved in agriculture. From memories of sitting on my grandpa’s lap in the tractor to working 4-H animals in the summer. When the opportunity to join FFA arrived I jumped at the chance to be a part of this organization. FFA has provided me with numerous opportunities to serve my community and to advance my knowledge and skills. Throughout high school, I had a very diverse FFA experience. I made it a goal to try as many Career and Leadership development events as possible. This led me to be active on the parliamentary procedures team, soils team, public speaking, and everything else in-between. I also had the wonderful opportunity to attend and later council at both FIRE and SOAR. It is because of these opportunities that I decided to run for state office so that I can continue to impact members both young and old. Indiana FFA I can not wait to get to know you and make more memories with you.

From Nicholas Neuman,

Hello FFA! I am beyond grateful to serve this next year as the 2021-22 Indiana FFA State Secretary! I am proud to call the Rushville FFA Chapter in District IX (#Cloud9) my home chapter. Being a second generation FFA member and lifelong agriculturalist, the blue corduroy has always been present in my life. While I grew up on a traditional cattle and swine operation, I consider the dairy industry my true passion. From livestock skill-a-thon to parliamentary procedure to public speaking to dairy judging, I’ve tried just about everything that FFA has to offer. If I wasn’t in the Ag Building practicing CDEs, you could most likely find me playing soccer with friends. I’m an avid baker, Walmart t-shirt buyer, and Criminal Minds watcher. I’m ecstatic to embrace the uncertainty of this year and make lasting, meaningful connections. Indiana FFA, I am so excited to grow alongside the amazing individuals in this organization!

From Kourtney Otte, 

Hi, Indiana FFA! I am beyond honored to be able to serve you all as the 2021-2022 State President. My roots are dug deep in Seymour, Indiana located in District XI (I also proudly call Seymour FFA home.) My passion for the agriculture industry started on my grandparents farm, but quickly grew like a wildfire through FFA. Originally I planned on following in my mother’s footsteps with livestocking judging and parliamentary procedure, but that quickly changed when my advisor pulled me in for creed speaking… I haven’t looked back since. Over the past 5 years I’ve competed in countless CDE’s and LDE’s to the point that I can’t remember most of them. But, anytime I couldn’t be found in the ag room, you could always find me curled up with a new book (please send me book recommendations)  or with bits of charcoal under my fingernails.

As we all enter the next chapter in our lives, the team and I could not be any more excited to experience this year with you all and create memories that last a lifetime. Indiana FFA, as always, keep being awesome. 

With love, 

2021-2022 Officer Team