Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crothersville Toy & Food Exec Christmas

Because of the upcoming holiday, the FFA post is early this week.

Most people, when they hear sirens, immediately think the worst.  But for the community members in the small town of Crothersville when they hear sirens on one particular day in December, the worst does not come to mind.  Instead, they know exactly what those sirens mean and their faces begin to fill with smiles. 

These sirens in December are the reminder to the community of the Annual Crothersville FFA Toy and Food Drive.  The sirens heard of those of the local fire trucks of which FFA members and volunteers are seen riding on throughout the town on Crothersville. 

Individuals and families in this small community are greeted by FFA members and volunteers bearing gifts of food and toys for the Holiday season.  But delivering the food is the easy part.  Crothersville FFA members are hard at work raising money from pork burger sales and their annual craft show in November, as well as other events.  These funds raised go towards buying food, toys, and fruit for the making of fruit baskets for the families in need.  FFA members spend hours sorting the food and toys into categories according to the different sizes of families, preparing fruit baskets, and making delivery plans. 

I have always heard of the Crothersville FFA Toy and Food drive, but to experience this event, was one of the most inspiring things.  It is just something you truly have to experience.  This year, the Crothersville FFA Chapter bought 6.6 tons of food and was able to help 85 families and individuals in their community.  The state officers had the opportunity to ride on the fire trucks, help deliver the food, while earning a more accurate definition of community service. 

Not only were the families in need helped, but the local fire department as well.  The firemen were given the addresses of the residents which served as training for learning the roads around Crothersville.  If this act of kindness does not get someone in the spirit of giving and Christmas, then I don’t know what will.  Thank you to the Crothersville FFA members, and their Advisor, Mrs. Maxie for making on impact not only on the community, but us as state officers.
After the festivities at the Crothersville FFA Chapter, the Indiana FFA State Officers were preparing for another festive event, the Indiana FFA State Executive Committee Christmas Party. 

The District Presidents, Band and Chorus Officers, and Section Directors from all across the state traveled to the Indiana FFA Leadership Center in Trafalgar.  We were very festive in our attire as we made it a tacky sweater party.  We traveled to Indianapolis to go Ice Skating, where we got some interesting looks from others as we were still sporting out tacky sweaters.  After that, we came back to the center and had a white elephant gift exchange.  It was a great time to be with friends and have fun. 

 The state officers will be taking a break as they head home to spend the holiday season with their families.  From our family to yours, the Indiana FFA State Officers would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. I got word you hand out food Sat, I no some one they got 5 people live with them .can you all can help? they live 405 N. Kovener st Crothersville