Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FFA Week with Nellie

National FFA Week is in full swing and I am seeing blue corduroy in countless Facebook profile pictures. More importantly though, I am seeing the “Infinite Potential” in FFA chapters everywhere I go! On Tuesday I was excited to travel to my “Neck of the woods”, in District IX, and visit with members of the Hagerstown FFA, my home chapter. It was exciting to have the chance to spend some time with such driven FA members. Throughout my week, one chapter that sticks out in my mind is the STAR Academy FFA chapter. I visited this chapter today for their Middle School Ag. Day and I was completely impressed. The chapter officers presented an awesome session about removing the road blocks that keep us from being the best leaders that we can be. The day was filled with fun games, breakout groups, inspiring conversations, and a session filled with a challenging message. This chapter shines as they strive to invest in their students. 
Throughout the rest of the week, my teammates and I will me making the most of National FFA Week by visiting as many schools as we can throughout Indiana. Tomorrow I will be visiting the Central Nine Career Center and then heading down to Paoli, Indiana. On Friday, I will be presenting at the Paoli FFA chapter and visiting with the members. I will wrap up the week in Gibson County spending some time with the members of the Gibson Southern FFA chapter. I am very excited to have all of these opportunities to see some of the FFA chapters and members that make the Indiana FFA so great!

From FFA: Following the Future of Agriculture

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