Friday, January 11, 2013


Now that everyone has returned back to school, work and our regular routines we begin to look back on our holiday break. There is no better feeling than being home with your family and friends for the holidays. Talking, telling stories and creating new memories are on the agenda for every family and friend gathering. My holiday break was a fun and exciting one that I do not take for granted. I hope you all don't take your breaks for granted either. My teammates and I did not let any opportunities pass us by upon returning to the FFA Leadership Center. We have been waiting all year for a big enough snow to fall so we could all go sledding down the dam. Over our break we got the snow we had all longed for. We all began piling on layers of socks, pants and coats, tied our snow boots and began the trek over to the dam with sleds in our arms. We all had a blast sledding down the dam even though there were a few close calls with some trees and the creek, it was all still worth the long wait. We created new memories as a team that I will never forget. I hope you all had similar experiences over your holiday break!

From FFA: Following the Future of Agriculture

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