Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today's Candidates, Tomorrow's Leaders

As I sit here in the office of the State Officer house typing out this blog post way too early for a Sunday morning, the countdown to Impact FFA clock reads 54 days and 20 of Indiana FFA's finest are still fast asleep across the way in the lodge. These 20 people have made the decision to be State Officer Candidates (SOCs) and yesterday helped with Spring CDE's, sat in on the State Executive Committee Meeting, and today will attend the State Officer Candidate open house with their parents and advisors to learn what their journey will entail. It is truly an exciting time, yet surreal to think back to the time only a year ago when my six teammates and I were in their shoes, wondering if the next year would bring our freshman year of college, or a whirl wind adventure serving the Indiana FFA Association. On behalf of the current State Officer team and members everywhere, good luck SOCs!

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