Monday, November 18, 2013

The Guys Across the Pond

          Soon after arriving home from the 86th National FFA Convention, the Indiana FFA State Officer Team quickly began working on F.I.R.E. But on Sunday we had some familiar faces stop by unexpectedly they came in the form of Brian, Mitch, Steven, Wes, Jackson and Jason, the newly elected National FFA Officer Team. Instead of awkward handshakes they embraced us with hugs, immediately after we gave them a quick tour of the state officer house. Then, all 13 of us hung out in the living room talking about anything from Shelby’s fear of the dark to when we found out that the center is haunted during Kayla’s surprise birthday party. We could have talked for hours but “the guys” had to head back to the Fellowship Cabin on the other side of the Indiana FFA Leadership Center.

           The next day as the National Officers were out to dinner, we decided to do some decorating for them. This came in the shape of steamers, saran wrap, foil, a strobe light for Cabin 4 (its haunted), giant orange street cones that we blocked several parts of the road off with and of course goody bags. You can say we were mighty proud of what we had just created. As they were heading back, we started phase two, paddling our sketchy old dock across the pond to the Fellowship Cabin. Our plan to scare them was a sad attempt. As they invited us in, we began to share with them what just happened. Then, showed them what we call the S.S. Seabass, In the midst of being outside at night, Mitch proceeded to run and I mean RUN away. We are still not sure where he went for the two hour span he was missing, but as he was missing the state officers, Wes, Steven, and Brian rowed the Seabass back to our house. Once back we chilled out in our office showing videos of us and Mr. Coty Back showing how he makes applesauce. We also once again chatted about anything and everything. Time shortly faded and they once again had to head back.

        The 2013-2014 National Officer Team is a group of truly passionate and down to earth guys. If only there was more time in a day to hang out. We can’t wait to see what amazing things they do for this organization during their year of service. Thanks for the laughs and good memories.

         So funny thing, Sarah just found a note from Mitch, a couple minuets before I was about to post. It said that he was waiting in our cleaning closet to scare us but mostly Shelby. The note was stuffed in our furnace in the cleaning closet. The mystery has been solved, thanks Mitch. I guess we should have paddled across the pond a little faster. 

Truly Blessed,
Cameron Frazier
Indiana FFA State Treasurer

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