Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Look in Our Office

Have you ever heard that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they keep their room or maybe their car? One day Shelby pointed out how different each of our desk spaces are... Her thought really got me thinking. Trust me, we spend a LOT of time at our desks. Time that consist of writing curriculum, checking emails, working on our online classes and of course checking social media.

I started with my desk, which usually consists of piles of receipts, but today has FFA Week prep, LDW prep and my Communication 114 class work. Looking past the papers on my desk I see candy, Chewy Sweet Tarts, left over from the movies the other night. On my cork board I see pictures that remind me of home, friends, my FFA Chapter, and pictures of the day I found out I would get the chance to serve as an FFA state officer. Next to the cork board is a small metal dry erase board that sometimes get used and other times hangs there as decoration. Under that, taped on the wall are various quotes that remind me to stay humble. Lastly, I notice that my desk seems organized. Well on a good day...

Next is Sarah's desk, which we jokingly call the most boring desk in the office. When I took a closer look, I noticed pictures mostly of her family and friends. A wooden cow that was undoubtedly left by a former state sentinel resides there as well. At the beginning of our year, there was a list of possible churches that she could attend while being away from home. I think simplicity describes Sarah's desk and her way of life.

Beside Sarah's desk is Shelby's. We're not sure who came up with the spacing, but the reporter's desk is by far the smallest. You can usually find Shelby burning something - I mean anything from paper to pens. I think she's taking this whole Ignite thing to the next level. Looking at her desk the first thing that catches my eye is her GIANT computer screen, where she can be found watching The Lord of the Rings. Another thing that I see is her love of America displayed by the small flag on her cork board, the flag in the window and the stocking cap next to her screen. Shelby is definitely one of a kind. 

Moving onto Ethan's desk, which you can tell is a little over the top. The fact that it's January 21st and his Christmas decorations are still up is a question all its own. Looking past the Christmas decor I see his big picture from state fair that reminds him of how far he's come in his FFA career. Also notes from camps remain on his desk. I'm pretty sure he even went through some today. Although this is known as the most unused desk in the office, it still has a character all its own.  

The Northern Region Vice President is stationed by the window. Well in this case. Bekah's desk can be described as an artist's desk. At this space in the office you can find her working on an art project. Whether it be a present for someone, a doodle or even something for an up coming camp, art has been made there. In the window sits a little metal dancer. On her cork boards displays pictures of her family and her days in high school. On the other, art work from NLCSO (National Leadership Conference for State Officers) that was drawn on the table during sessions is hung up, art from our own camps, and a piece of art reminding her of her faith. Oh and a random picture of a cat. An artist desk that reflects just that but she seems to always know where everything is.  

Following Bekah's desk is Kayla's. The typical secretary desk in my book, by that I mean she has notes for everything what she needs today, tomorrow, next week and probably even the one after that. I also see some DIY projects scattered across the space like window with lights, her weekly schedule board thing and the flowers in her vase. I think someone really likes Pinterest, cough, cough, Kayla. I see some pictures of her year as a state officer on her board along with the thousands of sticky notes. Lastly you can always find her computer open working on the next deadline for camps, the Impact magazine or school work. That is one desk that is definitely USED.

The last desk in the office belongs to Miss Allie Abney. Her desk can be described as in your face, super colorful and full of expression. You know the saying a pictures worth a thousand words? Well Allie literally has a thousand pictures. They may be on her board or her digital picture frame that is always zipping through, or on her Mac when we is reminiscing through old photos. Another thing I notice about her desk is all the words of wisdom in the form of several quotes on her wall. Quotes that can be used in any situation in life. I also see her love of the FFA, her Belted Galloway Cattle, and cheetah print. 

The office of the 2013-2014 Indiana FFA State Officer Team is a place that of course work gets done, stories are shared, random dance parties take place, some team meetings happen, but above all a place where memories are made.

Forever Blessed,
Cameron Frazier
State Treasurer

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