Monday, September 29, 2014

Do What You Love

In only the past couple weeks, it has been incomparably some of the best in my life! Not only have I gotten to travel all across the state, but I have also had the opportunity to meet so many members with the same passion for agriculture that I have! No matter the area of the state or the size of the school, I have been amazed at the amount of potential in students and how much they enjoy getting to spread their wings and meet so many new friends. Not only did all of this traveling let me form new memories with FFA members, but the team got to work with so many students who are not yet in FFA.

By visiting different schools every day, my teammates and I saw so many different school sizes, agriculture programs, and agricultural students. Some schools created a feeling of anxiety as we approached a school culture we may not have known; however, some of those schools had the best students! I can recall a story of a time that made me know why I do what I do.

            At a small high school, my partner Skylar and I were presenting to a young Intro. to Agriculture class. One student in particular was very active with our presentation and always volunteered to help with our activities. I was very impressed by their attitude and energy and kept asking myself why they were not in FFA. After class, I spoke to the student and they explained that before our presentation they did not know what FFA was and thought it was going to be a boring activity to get involved in. After the student and their friend walked Skylar and I to the office, they turned away and the student’s friend asked if he would join FFA now that he had seen our presentation. As thought there was a switch that turned on, the student replied with a confident yes.

It is not the glory, the popularity, or the amount of people who know you that make a difference. It is your attitude to make a difference in one person’s life. This student I spoke of instilled a love for one certain quote:
“Do what you love, Love what you do.”
 ~ Jeff Mallett
Do what you love, have a passion to leave a difference, and never stop believing in yourself. Chapter visits have given me the remarkable opportunity to meet so many amazing students that have taught me to always have a positive attitude, because you never know who you will impact. Who will you impact today by doing what you love?

Loving every moment,
Dakota Westphal
2014-2015 Indiana FFA State Reporter

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  1. I Love this post!!! and the pictures are great too.