Monday, October 13, 2014

Red Acres is the Place For Me

The worn leather under my hands…high above the world I was perched overlooking the vast hay field. The trees where brilliant reds, yellows and oranges. The air was fresh, it smelled like burning leaves and diesel fuel. Fall was upon us. As I took a trip around my Papole Kent’s farm (Red Acres) I remember searching the field that butted up to my papole’s property. In the distance, a combine was shelling beans and dust was flying everywhere. As the combine collected the beans I thought of numerous by-products that might come from the crop. As the Farmall BN and I rounded the other side of the field I couldn't help but feel the responsibility of farmers. Harvest season is my favorite time of the year. 

Back home in Northern Indiana! 

From a young age I learned how to operate my papole’s tractors, in fact I could drive tractors before I could ride my bike without training wheels. I could not get enough of the rush I felt high above the earth, hearing the sound the tractor made and smelling the ever so prominent diesel fuel. My papole has restored tractors ever since I can remember and only the red ones. His work ethic was a hard one and it showed in all of his tractors. The tractors bonded papole and I. The heritage that existed was intertwined in the frame work of each tractor. The Farmall BN that I was driving previously was my Great Grandpa’s. My papole would tell me of stories about the BN. He told about when my great grandpa first purchased it, how the dents got certain places and how diligently the tractor worked. A staple part of the farm and a piece of history to share with his 4th generation great granddaughter. 

This is my Papole Kent and I going on the many tractors ride I would take when I was little! 

Now that farmers are out harvesting, memories stir up from those long tractors rides. Taking walks down the road and admiring the changing crops. Spending time with family, friends and enjoying the beautiful fall season. No matter what part you reside in this fly over state we all know the importance of farmers and admire their tireless work to feed the world. As we drive past the farmers taking the combines another round remember how blessed we are to have such committed producers. I would like to give a shout out to those producers making the food on my table possible. I love farmers, they feed my soul.

Taken in Southern Indiana near the FFA Leadership Center. 

You Ag Lovin' and Farmall Driving Indiana FFA NRVP,

Love Lindsey O'Hara

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