Thursday, January 15, 2015

From the Ft. Wayne Farm Show to the FFA Leadership Center

I guess you could say that I am from the south. Coming from the small town of Hope, Indiana I can honestly say that we usually do not get that much snow. As I have traveled our beautiful state over the past six months, I have begun to realize that not only do we have a lot of corn, basketball, open roads, and beautiful scenery, but up north, they have a lot of snow!
As we began our trek Sunday night to Miss Kathleen Jacob's house, it was a chilly evening and the rain had turned into sleet. Kathleen's parents greeted us with a warm welcome, open arms and they definitely fed us well. There's nothing quite like home cooking. Monday morning, things got real interesting. We discovered that Kathleen's younger brother had a two-hour delay which eventually turned into a cancellation. It was then that we realized that the roads would be a challenge to say the least.
As we left "Drifty Lane Farms" we drove with caution and hoped that the roads would get better as the day went along. Our mission for the day, was to go from business to business picking up donations for the Ft. Wayne Farm Show. After a long day of pickups, we all met at the coliseum and began creating baskets and organizing our booth. We ate at Texas Roadhouse that evening and discussed our game plan for our first official day of the Ft. Wayne Farm Show.

Tuesday came and we were ready to go! Our game faces were on. We were split up into groups of two and each group was assigned a specific section in the coliseum. We then went from booth to booth asking if companies would like to make a donation to our annual FFA Live Auction which happened at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday. Businesses were extremely generous with their donations and they gave things such as gift cards, gift baskets, toy tractors, tools, and bale spears to contribute to our auction. Some even made monetary donations which we were very grateful for.

Wednesday's game plan was pretty much the same as Tuesdays. We continued going from booth to booth asking if businesses wanted to sponsor us and we even went back to a few booths who had asked us to check back in at a later time. These two days were a blast! Dakota and I were paired up to cover our section and we became friends with so many of our supporters. All were extremely helpful and they understood the importance of donating to our auction. Not only were their donations going to benefit those who wanted to buy things at our live auction, but they were benefiting FFA members from all across the state. The money made from the auction goes to things such as leadership programs and scholarships.

Now I know you must be wondering, "How much did you make over the two days that you were at the Ft. Wayne Farm Show?" That is an excellent question!
I am pleased to announce that not only did we set a record, but we made roughly over $23,500 dollars from our 2015 live auction!!!

After two long but extremely successful days of the Ft. Wayne Farm Show, we all left the coliseum with smiles on our faces and unforgettable memories from talking with the business and sale representatives to getting lost in the parking lot Wednesday night looking for Lindsey's car (Yes. This happened.).

It was great to see many of our wonderful FFA members helping pass out papers and greet people at the door as they arrived as well! I even ran into a few members when we were out and about getting donations! You all did a great job representing Indiana FFA.

I would definitely say that the past two days were quite a success! We could not have done it without our avid supporters and sponsors! So thank you to those who contributed to our efforts!

As soon as we made it back to Trafalgar last night, we walked over to the EMR to discover that Ag teachers were everywhere.

If you are a student, you may have noticed that your Ag teachers were not in school today. No they were not skipping, they were actually at the teacher in-service at the Indiana FFA Leadership Center in Trafalgar. The in-service consists of teachers all across Indiana coming to the center to further their education on recent changes or new ideas in the agricultural education world and with FFA. I enjoyed having lunch with my Ag teacher, Mrs. Aleesa Dickerson today and I'm sure my teammates enjoyed lunch with their advisors as well! When your teachers come back to school and share new and exciting things that they learned with your classes, make sure you thank them for all that they do! They are not going to these sessions to help themselves, they go to further their knowledge to help you! The students! I want to challenge you to write your Ag teacher a note thanking them for what they do or even give them call if you want! Sometimes it helps to know how much you are valued and appreciated! Enjoy the sunshine today and don't forget to thank your Ag teacher!

Serving with a grateful heart,

Brittany Young
Indiana FFA
State President

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