Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Glimpse into Our Office

Before this year, as a member reading these blogs I always loved discovering what the State officers had been doing, learning, or seeing. It was an honor to stumble upon the articles that shared the growth that the team had experiences both personally and as a team. But the blogs that I always liked the best were the ones that provided a glimpse into the lives and the house of the State Officers.

Just over a year ago now, Cameron Frazier posted a blog where he started with this. “Have you ever heard that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they keep their room or maybe their car? One day Shelby pointed out how different each of our desk spaces are... Her thought really got me thinking. Trust me, we spend a LOT of time at our desks. Time that consist of writing curriculum, checking emails, working on our online classes and of course checking social media.” Click here to read the rest of Cameron’s blog.                       

After raking through some old blogs this morning I decided that I too would provide you with a look into our office.

Like Cameron said, we spend countless hours in our officer. Much of this time is spend building programs, answering emails, developing curriculum, and lately we have been dabbling in the task of planning the 86th Indiana FFA State Convention. But don’t let us fool you, there have also been numerous times that we have had mid-day dance parties, late night sleepovers, and spontaneous Nerf gun fights. The office is a place that from 8:30am till 11:00pm you can always find at least one State Officer at their desks. Our desks are the place to do the work for the around 10,700 members of Indiana FFA and without further ado the officer of the 2014-2015 Indiana FFA State Officer Team.


Ill start with Kathleen’s desk because hers is the first desk that you see when entering our office. As you can see Kathleen has a love for anything glittery or with a quote. Although it may look like there is a lot on that bulletin board, ever little thing has a purpose. From the pictures reflecting on the year, to the wooden heart she received for Christmas with all of our names on it. Kathleen is organized and determined, but never ceases to let us know how much she loves us. We love you too Aunt Kathy.  

The next desk you see is Derek’s. If you didn’t already know this Derek is extremely organized and put together. We joke that it is kind of intimidating sitting in Derek’s chair because everything has a place. From the books on the side, to the bags on the wall, even the picture frames in the widow, each item has been strategically placed. Derek’s life motto is Be Here and you can see his constant reminders on the wall. Looking at the white boards now I am honestly impressed that they are both not completely covering in to-do list, grocery needs, or simply just movies that we want to watch. I also believe that Derek goes through the most stick notes on the team, but that is because he is continuously working on more than one task at a time.  This is defiantly a desk that gets used.

Beside Derek is Dakota. The Reporter has the smallest desk of all, but Dakota has found a way to make it her own. To start I’ll have to mention Bobo the goldfish in the corner that Dakota inherited from Shelby. This year Dakota sure has been fighting the learning curve on how to care for a fish, but with a little coaching she has gotten much better. Dakota’s desk reflects her huge heart. A heart for her family, her friend, her faith, our team and all of Indiana FFA. The flag represents the pride in being the Reporter. Although the desk is small, Dakota accomplishes great things from this area.

Following Dakota is Jacob. Out of all the desk in the officer, Jacob’s reflects his personality the best. I am honesty impressed by the amount of decoration that he has accumulated through the year. The newest addition is the oversized $20’s and $50’s which point to Jacob future in the finical industry. On a sheets of paper you can read "AMAT VICTORIA CURAM" which is Latin for "Victory Loves Preparation." Jacob is a simple man. He doesn’t need much. Coffee, a good book and top gear pretty much describe Jacob and his desk.  

As you continue around the room the next desk is the NRVP’s. Sheep, bling, and a show ring, that is Lindsey. If you haven’t noticed yet, Lindsey is a loved of all things pictures. On the left she keeps her pictures of her family and friends from back on Packerton Road. It is safe to say that Lindsey receives the most mail, so it is not uncommon to see envelops piled up on her desk. When she is not at her desk Lindsey is often working on the couch rocking out to her own music.

I don’t know if you have noticed it or not. But each of the guy have the corner desk. Ironic? I think it was purposely planned this way. Therefore the next desk is mine. I’m sure one first things you notice when looking at my desk is the Batman on the side. He is promptly followed by the Batman quote “You either die a Hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Both of these items display my love for my favorite superhero Batman. Another item that makes my desk unique is the five gallon fish tank that divides Lindsey and I’s desks. Being an animal lover I needed something to care for this year and Dwayne is what I got. Although Dwayne is just a goldfish he too loves the FFA. Just look at all the blue and gold in his tank! Moving along, you may notice, that like Derek, everything has a specific location. All my working folders in the corner, calendar on the side, and typically my laptop resides in front of my lamp. All in all I like to say my desk tends to stay pretty organized and I enjoy being in the corner.  

And last and certainly not least is Miss Brittany. Brittany’s desk has pretty much stayed the same since about the first week when she posted up all of her pictures. Brittany’s pictures reflect her friends and family as well as her time in the Dominican Republic and this year as a State Officer. Brittany’s desk is definatly one that gets used quite often. It’s not uncommon to find Brittany working either in her bed, or at her desk, well after everyone else has called it a night. Brittany to has a fish. Its doesn’t really have a name nor does is ever really do anything, regardless it is there in the center for all to see. From pictures to quotes, to memorabilia passed down from previous State Presidents. Brittany’s desk shows us all the servant leader that she is.

And with that you have seen it all. That is our office. As a member I always dreamed about what it would be like to work alongside six others between these four walls. And today I am living out that dream. This year has become more than I ever could have imagined, but I wouldn’t trade a single millisecond for anything in the world.


For you always,

Skylar Clingan

2014- 2015 Indiana FFA
State Secretary



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