Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hunter Hayes Sang That He Wished He Had a Storm Warning ...Here It Is!

Storm clouds from today's down pour in Franklin, Indiana.
 Thunder booms across the land, rain falls endlessly and lightning flashes across the enormous sky. April showers…bring May flowers. Thunderstorms are not my favorite. I shudder at the loud booms, close my eyes when lightening fills the room and rain hitting the roof so hard making it nearly impossible to think sends me into a night of restlessness. I believe that every experience good or bad always has a lesson you can learn from it. My experiences with thunderstorms have taught me a valuable lesson. Sometimes…in order to enjoy the rainbows, you have to deal with the rain.

When I was a little girl my brothers and I loved to go the beach. Kosciusko County has over 100 lakes and we were lucky enough to live close to a few. In the hot summer months we would beg my mom to take us into town and spend all day enjoying the cool water. Expect there was one hold up…generally my mom would be very busy and that meant that we would only get to the beach if she was done with her “To-Do List”.

 I remember one day in particular. It was hotter than a stove on fire! My mom’s to-do list was at least three miles long. After about 20 minutes of pestering my mom she finally announced if we wanted to go to the beach we would have to help her with all the task.
My brothers and I decided that playing cowboys and Indians would be much more fun. We went outside and played until we couldn’t take the intense heat any longer. We came into the house to see if mom was done with her list. When we asked her…she informed us that she didn’t even make a dent in the things that she needed to accomplish. Again we went outside played cowboys and Indians. Just like before it got hotter than boiling water. We came running into the house begging our mom to take us to the beach.

She looked at us and said, “I am sorry but you didn’t help me with my list and I still have a lot to get done. We have livestock to feed later once it cools off. No beach today.”

I was utterly awestruck. No Beach?!?! The woman was crazy. I am not going to lie…I threw the BIGGEST fit!! I pouted for a good know that little girl self-pity (arms crossed, lip out and crocodile tears). 

The next weekend rolled around and like clockwork my mom’s list was about three miles long. Instead of playing outside my brother’s and I decided that if we worked together then she would have to take us to the beach! This was probably the best plan we ever came up with (even if my mom told us the weekend before). Sure enough after some sibling bickering, competitions and lack of focus we accomplished each task on the list. Water wings on, towel in hand, and a big grin spread across my face as we headed to Winona Lake. Heading to the beach that day I couldn’t be more satisfied.

It wasn’t until later that it really hit me. My mom was trying to teach us a lesson. Obviously she needed help and if we wanted to go to the beach we needed to pitch in. By working together we would knock every item off the list no problem. Even though we didn't always like doing them…we really wanted to go to the beach so we got them done.

My daily reminder! 
Folks, we will encounter times like this often in life. You want to be the best basketball player on the face of the earth? You better believe you better put in the effort to get there no matter how hard it gets. You hunger to be top in your class at school? Yep, got to skip hanging out with your friends this weekend to study for that big test. You want to better yourself for others? Than you will have to take a real hard look at yourself and be honest. Your dream is to change the world? Some sacrifices and hard decision will have to be made.
The next time you’re encountering a storm just keep that saying in mind. Actually, write it down now…on your hand, postie note, wall or arm. Write it down!! If you want to enjoy the rainbow, you are going to have to deal with the rain. 

Also, just a optimistic note…every storm eventually will run out of rain.

Chin up and God Bless,
Lindsey O'Hara
Northern Region Vice President 

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