Friday, August 14, 2015

A Round of Joy

As materialistic as it may sound, I love opportunities to get something new. Whether it is new shoes the week before school started, trying a new Skittles flavor package, or even a chance to meet eleven thousand Indiana FFA members, these types of opportunities can come and go if you do not take advantage of them.

The most recent opportunity my teammates and I have had the pleasure of getting is right here at the Indiana State Fair. Givingchange for animal feed, passing out putt-putt clubs, and coloring pictures with kids. This opportunity is something that my team and I had been looking forward to for a while.

Now, if you have never been to the FFA pavilion allow me to describe it. First we need to imagine a huge tin building, now let us place a few things in it. A greenhouse, a small square roomwith wooden walls to buy FFA apparel, a good sized children’s playground, eighteen holes for putt-putt, an animal wing with sheep, goats, and cows to feed, two sets of triangle with various FFA displays, a market where all Indiana produced products are sold, and last but not least a wooden structure labeled “Caddyshack.” Words do not do the FFA pavilion much justice, but there is honestly a lot for people to do here at our exhibit.

Just seven days into the fair, I have been able to see young and old alike take the time to enjoy the Indiana FFA Pavilion by seizing those opportunities provided. One example I saw in the midst of a busy $2 Tuesday was a little blonde haired boy putting with his mom and dad. Mom was pushing the stroller and dad was helping this boy “line up his ball” to ensure he made it in the hole. However after about ten putts the lime green ball was still not in the hole, but I could see the determination on this little boy’s face – he was going to sink that ball!

Finally after using the putter forwards, backwards, and sideways I heard a zealous squeal, saw two raised fists of excitement, and witnessed the world’s biggest hug from dad. This little boy achieved success in his mission to sink that ball in the hole, and the joy on his face was payment that I did not deserve. By we as Indiana FFA taking some time out of our busy schedules to help set up, work, or organize the pavilion we all had a hand in bringing that little boy some joy. 

As hectic as the Indiana State Fair is sometimes, seeing this little boy take advantage of the opportunity of putt-putt is rewarding. Opportunity and reward sometimes goes hand in hand. In this case I saw the reward first hand. However, many things we do in this organization and also our communities will go unrecognized. That should not be the determinant of how much and why we grasp out at opportunities. You are the difference, you can make a difference, seize the opportunity.

Be the Change,
Joshua Calhoun
Indiana FFA State Sentinel

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