Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kodak Moments

            Growing up I remember seeing those commercials about cameras on the TV. Why do I remember those commercials? They always had some huge event portrayed and then a mom or a dad smiling and taking a picture with their camera. Now, I always associate the term “Kodak moments” with capturing some big event or activity with a camera.

A moment most recent for me happened just this last week at the Indiana FFA Leadership Center. The snow was something that my teammates and I had in fact prepared for. A few weeks back Sean came home from the store with a surprise for all of us. He had bought us new sleds!

Now these sleds were pretty legit, one was a long foam based sled with just enough room to stretch your legs out in. The other looked like a lady bug in the means of it was round and red. After seeing Sean walk in the door with those guys, I was ready to shred it on the hill at the center. Unfortunately my teammates talked me down from using them right away, because you cannot have a successful trip down the hill without some snowy padding.

Days had gone by and I was so eager to go sledding, that I was half tempted to make some fake snow just to use them! Fortunately, all my hopes and dreams in the world were answered when we woke up to a few inches of frozen mashed potatoes covering the ground.

After gearing up in our “snow suits,” which for me consisted of jeans, sweats, two jackets, a hat, gloves, and old Sperry’s, we marched our way to the lake dam where we would commence our sledding 2k16 sledding season. A few slides down the hill found us getting a bit gutsier with each trip we took. Sean and Courtney had gone down together on one sled, a snow ramp was half way constructed by Kenzie, but I was determined to blow all records out of the water. I had decided to race Sean and Annalee down the hill, but I was going to go down face first.

 “Go” was yelled and we threw ourselves off of the starting line, when I say threw ourselves off . . . I mean it. I had pushed off so hard, that my sled stayed put and my body went tumbling down the hill. After having a face full of snow, brutally losing with no contest to both Sean and Annalee, and landing at the bottom of the hill, I began thinking about those past few moments.

In all honesty I had no regrets. I thought it was extremely fun and immediately wanted to do it again. So I did. Now, we all have those moments where we wish there was a camera ready, and this was definitely one of those moments.

I pushed off from the top of the hill again, but this time I had my sled. I was soaring down the hill feeling like I was at the top of the world, until I hit the second part of the hill. There I totally lost the very little amount of control I had and once again went tumbling down. This time making sure to scrap my face along the way.

That was a Kodak moment for me. I wanted to remember that feeling of sledding down that hill as fast as I could with some of my best friends in the world. I never wanted it to end because it was the time of my life! We all have these moments, whether it be a time someone got hurt, an event that a lot of work was put in to, or just a night hanging out with friends never be afraid to take advantage of them.

How will I remember my moment? Well now every time I see the snow, I think of those times I went tumbling down. There are many other ways to remember moments. It could be hearing a song, coming across old pictures, or even wearing a green ribbon to memorialize a loved one.

No matter how insane or boring Kodak moments are, they are always worth remembering because we can regain those excited or happy feelings just as if we are about to experience it firsthand again.  That means we should never be afraid to have those Kodak moments in life!

Be the Change,

Joshua Calhoun
2015-2016 Indiana FFA State Sentinel

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