Monday, October 3, 2016

Harvest Time

Harvest Time

                When I think of harvest time, I quickly remember great memories harvesting with my family. Whether it was falling asleep in the combine, making food for the boys in the field with my Momma, writing an essay or completing homework while riding in the semi or driving the tractor and auger cart – these are some of the best times in my childhood.  Falling asleep to the hum of the grain dryer, the familiar smells of harvest and the many hours spent in a tractor cab are harvest memories that make me proud to be the next generation of our family farm.
A harvest sunset that I captured last fall.

                Harvest is always an exciting time for our family to be able to bring in the crops that we had toiled over all year. As fall continues on, it is important that we thank all who spend countless hours providing for us. Although we may not all have a personal connection to the agriculture industry; we all need the food, fuel and fiber that the harvest brings. The next time you are behind farm equipment on the road or pass farmer’s working in the field – remember to be thankful for everything that they do to provide for you and me.
My first harvest season!

                As FFA members, we all can relate to harvest season. Similar to how farmers care tirelessly for their crops throughout the year and continue to work hard as they collect their final results – FFA members shall strive to have the dedication and passion of a farmer as they compete in various contests and community service activities. Farmers innovate and prepare in order to achieve the highest yields, just as FFA members should replicate these characteristics to reach their personal goals. They ‘live to serve’ as farmers provide for others and FFA members embrace the FFA Motto through serving others and our communities. Your seasons of harvest may not always be easy nor necessarily yield as you had hoped, but it is crucial that we embrace the persistence and diligence of a farmer and adapt to improve for the next year. No matter your background, these qualities of persistence and hard work are lessons that everyone could use in their everyday lives.
I am grateful for my family and the time we spend together working on the farm.

                Whether we have a direct link to agriculture or not, have been an FFA member for 6 years or none, we should admire these characteristics that farmers exhibit. These qualities shine through as harvest begins and continues for many Indiana farmers. I will always be grateful for my ‘harvest seasons’ – on the family farm and throughout my FFA Career and encourage you to thank a farmer for not only the food, fiber and fuel they provide but the positive examples that they represent.

Praying for a safe and bountiful harvest for all!

God Bless,

Emily Dougherty

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