Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What I Learned From That Thing On My Wrist

One of my very first encounters with hundreds of Indiana FFA members was on our journey throughout the state during the month of September for District Kickoff season.  At each district, we promoted our newest program for the Indiana FFA Foundation called the “Pay-It-Forward Campaign”, which focuses on raising enough funds to pay off the mortgage of the Indiana FFA Leadership Center.

In an effort to promote the program, our team created a video of “101 Reasons to Love the Leadership Center”.  One specific reason that was given to us by FFA members was the bridge that links the Conference Center to the back of the property near the boys’ cabins.  The team and I decided that I would skip across the bridge in a very excited fashion for that section of our video – so I did just that.  I was excited and bubbly, until…..my FitBit got caught on my jeans and plopped into the lake.  As I watched the FitBit fly into the air and sink into the water, I yelped and ruined that whole section of the filming.  

Watch it for yourself - the FitBit flies off of my right arm...right into the lake: https://twitter.com/ChaelaMinor/status/771094431428665345

While I was deeply upset by what I thought was a huge loss, my team and I decided to include this portion in our overall video, but instead of dedicating it to ‘The Bridge’, we used it as a way to portray ‘Giving Up Technology for a Weekend’ while FFA members spend time growing as leaders.  As nearly 2,000 FFA members watched this video, that was one thing that stuck out to them.  To this day, members across the state recognize me as the State Officer who lost her FitBit in the lake. 
When I first lost my FitBit, I was disappointed that I would not be able to count the steps for the next few days, track my sleep hours, and, most importantly, would have to spend another $140 to replace it.  Luckily, the company replaced it for free, so I lucked out in that aspect.  But, looking back, I lucked out in many more areas.  That one event that I thought was a devastation really lead to a memory that my team and I will never forget.  It opened my eyes to the fact that materialistic items such as a smart watch will never replace the moments when FFA members can laugh with you about something silly that happened. 
I was a bit excited when my new FitBit came in the mail!
The most important lesson that my FitBit taught me, however, was that it wasn’t the daily steps that truly counted; it was the memories and irreplaceable moments that did.  Materialistic items control our daily lives these – we spend hours on our cell phones, we couldn’t live without our FitBits and Apple Watches, and we have to drive the best of the best car.  But, are we truly living the best lives? At times, I get so caught up in social media that I forget how to have an actual conversation with someone.  There are other times where I become so jealous of someone else, that I forget to be appreciative of what I have.

When I spend time with family and friends, my eyes are way too often locked on my phone screen, when the reality should be that my ears are locked on what words of advice they are sharing. In a world filled with technology, I want to encourage you to take a few moments each day to truly engage with those around you.  Make cherishable memories that will last a lifetime. Get rid of your “FitBits” of the world, and start truly living.

Soaking up the little moments,
Chaela Minor
2016-2017 Indiana FFA State Secretary

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