Thursday, March 23, 2017

Time to Impact

93 days, 21 hours, 55 minutes and 10 seconds. As I write this, I look up at the clock that reads, “Time to Impact Indiana FFA” with that exact time in our office. It is crazy to think that a few short months ago, the clock ticked 365 days and we thought that the day we would see double digits was forever away. Today, we look at the clock and see our double digits quickly diminishing along with our time to impact Indiana FFA.

Our last day of triple digits of our 'Time Left to Impact FFA'
Many of you may be experiencing the same feeling of your life flying by so fast like a runaway train. Whether it is your remaining time in high school, college or another year passing by, it always seems like our time goes by so, so quickly.

I can quickly recall my senior year in high school and where each day seemed to drag on until I had reached the end. Each #SeniorSunday post was one week closer. I couldn’t wait until the day until I walked across the stage of Whiteland Community High School and said ‘peace out’ to the stress of high school. Although, as the time became smaller and smaller every little moment seemed more and more important. I found myself enjoying the calculus lectures, walks to classes with my friends in the hallway and just hanging out in the Ag Room with all of my greatest pals more than ever before. The last few months of my high school career were full of laughter, memories and unforgettable experiences because I chose to make each and every day count.

At my high school graduation party, it was great to celebrate achievements, but also the impact of making everyday count.
As a team, we have often taken a pause in our office day to watch out clock tick down to the next day or hour, taking in the monumental changes on Snapchat. We wish we could make that clock stop and enjoy the exact moment we are in without seeing the seconds count down. Wouldn’t it be neat to stop the clock and not worry about our diminishing time?  It may be a clock in our office or a countdown app on our phone, but we are always counting down until we have reached life’s next big milestone.

As a team, we are making each of our days count!
The cool thing is, is that each of us can take a moment, stop the clock and enjoy the moment we are in. We choose to make the most of each 86,400 seconds in the day – whether they are counting down to the next big event or not. We can choose to use this time to make an impact or we can waste every moment by watching the time disappear.

There is a quote I’ve truly enjoyed as our time ticked away. “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” No matter what life experience you are counting down to, don’t count the time you have left – make each day count and leave the legacy you would want to leave.

Making every day count,

Emily Dougherty

2016-2017 Indiana FFA State Southern Region Vice-President

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