Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Adventure Time

When was the last time you did something spontaneous? Can you say it was this month or even this week? Spontaneity, especially when shared with friends, can give you a sense of happiness and creativity unlike any other.

Earlier this week, after a long day in the office, Chaela, Emily, Jessica, and I made our way to Edinburg for a little shopping. However, this planned shopping trip soon turned into an adventure that included history, corgis, and one beautiful sunset.  

When we left the outlets like most car rides with us girls, the windows were down and the Dixie Chicks were blaring. As we passed through Camp Atterbery, a military base not far from the FFA Center, Chaela and Emily wanted to show us the POW Chapel that was about a mile from the base. After Emily pointed for us to turn, we knew we were in trouble because Chaela was convinced that they had never taken that route to the chapel. We followed the curvy roads for what seemed like forever, not sure that we were even going the right direction. The signs eventually took us to a small structure that held so much American history, but those signs also led us through some of the most beautiful, backroads of Johnson County.  The narrow road with bright green roadsides mixed with a beautiful Indiana sunset reminded me of summer nights back home. 

Just before we reached the POW Chapel we came across a marsh.  Our car slowed as we took in the alluring sunset, but we had to convince Jessica not to steal a fisherman’s swimming corgi.  Soon after, we reached the chapel and were amazed by the intricate murals that covered the walls. We read about the Italian Prisoners of War and how they built this chapel during World War II.  The rich history that lies just miles from our home at the FFA Center was truly humbling as we imagined the people that stood here 74 years ago.

As we left, we decided it was well worth our time to stop and meet Meg the Corgi and have her very friendly owner take our photo with Gods divine creation that covered the sky.

So often in life, I have found myself lost in a busy schedule, or an approaching deadline that I haven’t appreciated the little things in life.  The detour on our way home, a spring evening, and even the company of some amazing people all played a role in our spontaneous adventure. What will your next adventure be?

Loving life,
Logan Glassburn

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