Thursday, September 28, 2017

Never Forget Your Roots

With District Kickoff season rounding out this week, I can’t help but think of how much I’ve loved traveling the beautiful state of Indiana to experience each kickoff. But, it’s been more than the traveling that I’ve enjoyed; it’s the people I’ve met along the way. The other night, I was sitting at Bremen High School as I watched the District II Officers practice their big “District Kickoff entrance” before the event began. Right then, it hit me. 
Smiling for a picture with the DII Officers after kickoff.
As the officers strutted in to assume their positions on stage, I saw just how much pride, excitement, and joy they had for their home district. This same pride, excitement, and joy has been shown by every FFA member I’ve met while traveling from school to school this September. Perhaps that’s been my favorite part of these last three weeks. Not only have I been able to spend quality time on the road with my teammates, but I’ve been able to meet others who share the same love for FFA and are so proud of the chapter that they come from. What a valuable thing it is to show how much you appreciate your home like that? I believe that we all can be better in this way by making sure to not forget our roots, but embrace them. As I think about the last three months since State Convention, it has been such an amazing whirlwind. But in all of the rush, have I forgotten to show how much I love that I am from the Hamilton Southeastern FFA chapter? Have I forgotten to show appreciation to my advisors and all those who’ve shaped me into who I am today?
My advisors and I after the close of State Convention, 2017. 
Sometimes in dealing with the craziness of life, we are too caught up in our activities. Whether that’s playing a sport, singing in
choir, or even serving beyond our FFA chapters as a State Chorus or Band officer, district officer, or section director, we must never forget about who we really are and where we’ve come from. It doesn’t matter if the back of our jacket says District VIII, Warsaw, District VI, Rushville, North Daviess, Section IV, Hamilton Southeastern, or Association. We must never forget the hometown, the home chapter, and the people that have made us who we are today.

Love always,

          Claire Baney
          17-18 State President
Making memories with my chapter at our Greenhand Initiation, 2014.

My family and I together at State Convention, 2017.

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