Monday, April 9, 2018

Change is Inevitable

Inspiration comes from unexpected places. Last December my team went on business and industry visits for about three weeks straight. Each day we would visit and tour an agribusiness or two in the state of Indiana. Our Foundation Director Mrs. Chaudion organized these visits and gave the company the opportunity to put their best foot forward for their business. Some companies were naturally more interesting than others and I believe it was coming near our Christmas break when I discovered this piece of wisdom.
On the drive from one business to the other I glanced out of the window and saw a church Sign that read “change is inevitable, growth is optional.” Of all the things I wrote down that day that phrase is the one that I look back on time after time.
Change is truly inevitable. All around me things are changing; seasons, friendships, and stages of life. Nothing will ever be the same, but that’s the point. If things stayed the same life might get boring. Change is constant. Change is inevitable. Growth, however, is optional. Will you choose to grow or stay where you are? Change is inevitable, growth is optional.

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