Sunday, September 23, 2018

Where Do You Come From?

The station Q103.1 is blaring from the radio, the windows down and that autumn breeze is hitting my face. Jamming to the best country station we have where I live and riding on the back of some country road is what I loved to do. This clears my mind and makes me reflect, and focus on what I love most. Looking at the farms and corn fields is one thing I enjoy doing on these car rides. This past week, as Brittany and I were driving to chapter visits, we passed some fields and farms and took some back roads. Driving by them made me day dream of all the scenes I had passed back home. This brings me to my point: I had been so focused on wanting to move to Montana and live and pass those farm fields. During this trip with Brit, I was thinking about everyone I went to high school with that wanted to leave and wanted to be anywhere but our little town. I had realized that I would not make it in the city. I can’t get those late-night drives, harvest fields of corn gold rows or my favorite view from a big city.  I love sitting on a hill looking down at a little farm house that’s surrounded by animals. Don’t take what you have for granted because it’s not always going to be there. Life changes, things happen, and we move away sometime. Take a minute to reflect on where you come from. What do you love about where you grew up?

Until Next Time,
Nathan Deatrick

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