Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Share What You Love!

This week for my blog I wanted to share something I love with our readers. Ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil I could be found sketching to the point where people thought my hand might fall off. I had a born love for the arts. I have a passion for drawing, painting and analyzing art work.

This is the first drawing I ever did, which is of a ladybug. It is strange because I truly don’t remember drawing it, but my parents said I was beyond excited to have finished it.

Going through elementary and middle school I always had an art class; I never had to worry about not being able to fit it into my schedule. However, once I started high school it became very difficult to have my required core classes, ag classes, and art all on my schedule. I hated having to tell my art teacher that I was going to have two years without an art class.

My art teacher is a woman who I trusted when it came to art. If I could improve my art work in any way, shape, or form she would never hesitate to tell me. Not only was she trusting, but she was understanding. I know how much my love for FFA and agriculture bugged her, but she never forced me to choose between art and ag. I promised her my freshman year of high school that I would be back in the art room my senior year, and I held up that promise. She helped guide me to creating some of the following art pieces shown below.

~It's Bigger Than You~

This was the first piece I drew at the beginning of senior year. One of the biggest things we learn about art is that it should be able to speak for itself. Not everyone will view it the exact same way, but people should be able to create a personal conclusion of the artwork. 

Steam Punk! This was the area of art that this piece had to span from. This cat really tested my patience while drawing it. The ability to mimic realistic cat hair takes tons of pencil strokes against the paper. 

My art teacher had a hay day with this piece. She knew that my comfort zone was in black and white pencil drawings(easy to control). Yet she challenged me to draw something with oil pastels(nearly impossible to control). I yelled at this project a heave amount while executing it, but it's now one of my favorite pieces in my collection. 

I can't help but smile when looking at this painting. All I think of is how much experimentation went in to complete it. Over half of the techniques used in this painting I had never done before. It was so fun to try a million different things. 

A lot of times it is hard to juggle all the things you love. Many times it's even more difficult to make people understand why you have these different passions. I chose to share one of my loves with you simply because it's close to my heart. I challenge you to share your passions with the people in your life. I challenge you to also never give up on those passions. 
~Decide to remain true to yourself~
Chyenne :)

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