Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Passion to Pass On

I absolutely love my county fair. It has been my favorite part of summer for the past several years. I love the noises from animals, the smells of the carnival-well most of them, and the laughs from the grandstand. I spend my time working with my goats and turkeys in the barns as well as admiring the multiple projects competing against me in the Green Building. Working with my projects allows me to help not only myself but others around me as well.

I also l0ve spending my time in the Secretary’s Office where I sell tickets, respond to questions, and answer the phone. While in the office I love to answer the phone by saying, “It’s a great day at the Jay County Fair, How can I help you?” By answering the phone this way, I not only spread sunshine into someone else's life but my own as well. It’s the small things that add up to a great day. This role in the office fulfills part of my duty to serving on the Junior Fairboard. In this role I assist in parking, setting chairs up for concerts, organizing paperwork for hog wrestling, selling pit passes for our derby's, and much much more. 
When working in the office, I work with numerous different people. These individuals range from fellow Junior Fairboard members to Fairboard members. When working with these people I have learned to make the most of every moment. The secretary on the fairboard who is in charge of the office is almost always in the office as well as his wife. These two make the office the best to work on the fairground in my opinion. They are always offering words of encouragement to not only me but any member or person who walks into the office. 
This community service that I provide to the county is something that I will cherish forever and hope to continue on into my adulthood. It is important for everyone to find something they are passionate about. For me, it’s the fair, and for you, well, it's up to you to decide. 
-Dillon Muhlenkamp-

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  1. I always loved the fair too. We finished setting up the FFA building last night. Very proud of you.