Monday, December 16, 2019

Here by the Owl

“Why would you ever want to do that? There’s no money in that!” These are some of the constant remarks that I have received after telling folks I plan on becoming an Agriculture Educator. People would jokingly try and sway me from the profession, but it’s hard to sway from something if you want it bad enough. The mindset to become an ag teacher is engrained in many FFA members as they begin to realize how amazing their advisor really is. After four years of high school those students are on to other professions and other dreams. Even after college, some students will still never see a classroom. All of this is okay, but too often I’ve watched friends deviate from the path they started. Agriculture Education faces problems with teacher retention, funding, and all-around stresses of the job. My mom is considered one of these beautiful individuals. She has taught Ag for as long as I can remember, and I want to follow in her footsteps. I spent many nights waiting on my mom to come home from a practice or retreat. So often I found myself in the back of a classroom waiting for mom to finish grading papers or scheduling meetings. Every banquet, trip, and practice; I was there. I was the only 5th grader who knew all of opening ceremonies from start to finish. I am well aware of the toils this stressful profession can bring, yet I still plan to proceed with majoring in Agriculture Education at one of the best colleges in Indiana. Purdue University boast 100% job placement within the Agriculture Education major, is the cradle of quarterbacks and astronauts, and is where my mom graduated with a degree in Agriculture Education. It holds a special place in my heart, and I couldn’t ever imagine a better pair, Ag Ed and Purdue University. I have been on Purdue’s campus time after time and can’t get enough of the black and gold. I am nothing but excited to be in West Lafayette this fall and be able to call myself a Purdue Boilermaker majoring in Agriculture Education.  

Boiler Up! 


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