Monday, January 6, 2020

Recongizing Those Who Have Taught Me the Most

I’m sure we have all had someone ask us who our mentor was. If I had to tell you who mine was in sixth grade, I probably would have told you my Aunt Tracey. She was always there to support me and encourage me from a young age. Every time I saw her, she had a smile on her face and some cookies for me!

 Then, if you would have asked me in ninth grade, I probably would have said my dad. He always helped me work on my truck. He supported my many hobbies like camping, shooting guns, and demolition derbies.

Now, I would tell you it is my grandparents. My grandpa can fix just about everything, he knows everybody, and he handles situations with so much patience and passion. My grandma shows love to everyone and makes time to help everyone who needs it. How could I change my mentor so many times? It just did not make sense.

After the last time someone asked me that question, I thought about what the meaning of a role model or a mentor is. I came to the conclusion that a mentor or role model is someone who has knowledge that we don’t and who teaches us something. That person has gained their knowledge through past experiences or through their mentors. So that must mean that I have a lot of role models and mentors and not just one. I realized that almost everyone I am close to has taught me something about life.
With that being said the same applies to us. We are all mentors or role models to someone. Whether someone admires the things we do or learns from our mistakes. People are always watching us and trying to learn how to apply what we do to their own lives. Always strive to leave a good impact on everyone because someone is always watching.


Eion Stephens

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