Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Meaning Behind the Blue Jacket

What does FFA mean to me? Someone asked me this question recently and the first answer that came to mind wassomething like, FFA means growing leaders through agriculture. It means a chance to grow out of your comfort zone. Although, before I voiced my thoughts, something felt wrong about that answer. But what could be wrong about it? It was true. I decided I would take some time to think about it and get back to them
After a lot of pondering, pacing, and brain sweats. Here is what I figured out. FFA is a tool, if used properly it can make amazing things. I used FFA to help me develop my speaking skills. In eighth grade I could not speak in front of 2 people, much less a whole class. I used FFA to better my skills by competing in speaking contests and demonstrations. Through FFA I have become a much better leader than I ever thought I could be. I now have a better understanding of what a leader really is beyond the position. At the same time, FFA can be described as a home away from home for me. Every time I go to an event I feel like I belong, I feel like I can go up to anyone and strike up a conversation. I feel safe and comfortable when I am with my FFA people. ButFFA can also be like a cloud, clouds can be found anywhereSo can FFA because the blue jacket can go anywhere
If I had to try to sum up what FFA means to me I would use two words family and growth. See FFA can be described as a hundred different things because it is so much more than a single word or a phrase. I would even go as far as FFA cannot be described entirely by words. I think FFA means something different to every one of us, our experiences are what define our perspective.
With all of this in mind, this week is FFA week. That might mean having a game night with our chapters, serving breakfast to our teachers (then eating the rest of the delicious food ourselves), or maybe some awesome Ag Olympics competitions! Oh and we can’t forget about the dress up days! On the surface all of this just seems like a ton of fun, but it is more than just fun. This week we will grow closer as a FFAmily, give back to our communities, and spread our message. See just like everything else in FFA, this week is so much more than it seems. I challenge you to take this week to find out what FFA means to you.

Always thinking,
Eion Stephens

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