Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Signing Off

2020-2021 Indiana FFA State Officer Team

Shelbyville Central. Hamilton Heights. Tri-County. Eastern Hancock. Wawasee. Union City. Frontier. We came from different towns, different chapters, and different backgrounds. We each had our own FFA story and varying levels of agricultural experience. We reached this unique and special moment from different and diverse paths. 

Our journey ended just like it began. We embraced the challenges of a difficult year and created new opportunities for our members. We are thankful that you trusted us to guide Indiana FFA over the past twelve months. We’ve been through a lot together. Coming into State Office, we were surrounded by the uncertainties of a virtual State Convention. To end this year with thousands of FFA members celebrating at the State Fairgrounds was a huge milestone. We recognize the hardships and struggles that many went through during this time. The mental drain of constantly shifting plans brought us to our limits. Through every hurdle that Indiana FFA faced, we never gave up. The past year has proven our strength and resilience. It’s not easy to crush our spirit. And it's definitely not easy to tell the FFA that something cannot be done.

We are forever grateful to the members who participated in our programs and showed up when we needed them the most. In-person conferences and traveling for FFA Week became some of the biggest highlights from the year. We appreciate the advisors who went out of their way to motivate students and increase involvement. Without a strong presence in the classroom, our events would not have been as successful and our impact not as great. We would also like to recognize our incredible state staff who constantly inspired us. Their continued dedication to Indiana FFA gave us the foundation to reach ever greater heights.

As our world returns back to normal and our organization walks a new path, remember what you embraced from this year. Take what you have learned, make it a part of your personal journey, and use it to impact others. Thank you for letting us be a part of that process with you.

Signing Off,

Julia, Kylie, Blayne, Loren, Evan, Derick, and Luc

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