Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Choose People who Choose You

I. Love. Humans. 

  • Humans have so much power in the world, and can bring light and positivity to so many other humans. 

  • Humans have the ability to make people cry. 

  • Humans have the opportunity to make others laugh. 

  • Humans have the power to make others feel loved. 

Let me tell you something - my friend Carissa knows how to do almost all these points pretty well. 

During my weekend home, I had the chance to go to my brother’s football game on Friday night. A couple weeks before that drive home, I got a random text from carissa saying “ma’am let me know when you're in town! I want to see you so bad, I miss you. Maybe we could go to the football game at the school together!”

Perfect timing! I quickly texted her back saying I would be in town in a couple weeks, and we should grab something to eat beforehand. Humans have the power to make others feel loved. 

Friday night came along, and I was beyond ecstatic to see my long distance high school best friend, and meet at my ALL TIME favorite small town restaurant, The Gas Grill. We quickly parked next to each other, gave each other the biggest hug, and made our way in to get some grub before cheering loud for the Eastern Hancock Royals. We sat down, and immediately started talking about what we were up to, how our lives were going, etc. However, Carrisa made it a point to hear what I had been up to with undivided attention and words of encouragement. 

Towards the end of our conversation and a bussin’ meal, Carrisa handed me a letter. In this letter, she talked about how much she missed me and appreciated me as a person, reminding me I have always been someone she has admired and telling me all about how I am the “sweetest, kindest, brightest, and prettiest lady” she has ever met. After reading this letter that night, I started crying tears of joy because of the amount of love I felt… because of this person who has chosen me as a best friend.

In life, we want to be loved. We want to be heard. We are able to feel these feelings by choosing people who choose you. I will forever be grateful for each and every individual I have surrounded myself with in life who continually puts in effort to choose me.

Choose those who choose you. Your life will forever be transformed if you find those who will appreciate, accept, and value you as the authentic you. 

Living a good life,

Jordyn Wickard

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