Wednesday, December 8, 2021

I'm My Mother's Daughter

I know that it is currently not the season for Mother’s Day, however, I wanted to show a little love to my mom because I know that I’ve missed her a lot. 

If I am honest, the hardest thing this year has been leaving my mom after our weekends home. I usually end up crying. This is not because I dislike going back to the center but because of the overwhelming amount of love I always feel at home. Heck, I am also pretty worried about college being the same way.

I wanted to write this appreciation blog post because many of you do not realize how blessed I am to have a mom as capable as her. In 2014, my dad passed away because of pancreatic cancer when I was 11. My mom probably never imagined that for the past 7 years she would have to raise me on her own. I am so thankful for the unconditional love she shows me everyday. Especially those texts I get where she just checks in on me, those mean more to me than I could ever explain. 

My mom has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. We love driving around in the car together to get food and then eating in the parking lot. I now only like to eat my fast food in parking lots whether I am with her or not. I appreciate the fact that every year on my birthday we go shopping together at the same mall. We stay in a hotel room each time even though we only live about 25 minutes from the mall. It's the fact that it is a mini vacation away from home that makes it so special.

Yes, the good moments we have are great. But, the moments when I truly appreciate her love the most is when I have a bad day. She is always there to talk and give me a warm hug. Even though I do not like opening up too much when I am upset, she is always there to hold me until I am willing to talk. She is my biggest supporter.

To my mom, thank you for all you have done for me in my lifetime. Thank you for being at every event you can and showing me the abundant support of both parents in one. You are so incredibly strong and everyone notices that. You have taught me so much about how I can be strong and independent in my life. You are the greatest mom a girl could ask for. I also want to thank you for your patience even if I am a lot sometimes. Thank you for never giving up on me. I love you so much. 

With much love,

Madisen Carns

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