Wednesday, March 16, 2022


If you know me, you know I have plenty of embarrassing stories and quite a few blonde moments. I want to share one of those moments through this blog.

It was about 10:00 PM at the Indiana State Fair a couple years ago. My family had left a couple minutes before me, because I was chatting with some friends of mine, figuring out when each of us were going to be showing the next day. I finally said my goodbyes, and headed towards my car. I get in my car, and start making my way towards I-70 EAST. –keep this in mind.--

I pull up my google maps, because I don’t even want to take the chance of getting lost. 

“Turn right to merge on I-70 west.” That doesn’t sound right, but maybe it's just taking me a weird way. I follow what the directions say, until I realize this is most definitely NOT the right way. I wait to see if it will reroute me, but the service was not strong whatsoever. At this point, I am FREAKING OUT. I pull off at the nearest exit and call my parents. There was nowhere to park on the street, so I pulled off IN AN ALLEY (once again, not one of my finest moments). My parents finally answer and luckily, LIFE 360 saves the day. My parents guide me through how to get back on the interstate from where I am at, and I am finally on I-70 east.

Was I scared for my life during this situation? Yes. Did I think I was going to make it out alive? No, but that’s also my overdramatic side talking. However, it was because I was willing to ask for help that I made it out of the situation.

Have you ever had those moments in your life when you have tried to do everything on your own? Those moments when you refuse to ask for help because your ego has gotten in the way? Me too. I thought I could have gotten myself out of that situation with the interstate, but when you combine bad cell service and a blonde that isn’t very good with directions, things can sometimes get out of hand. Don’t be afraid to reach your hand out, because there will always be someone who is willing to help.

Always here to be a helping hand,

Jordyn Wickard

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