Monday, August 1, 2022

Seth’s Top 10 Favorite Things about The Great Indiana State Fair

1. The Indiana FFA Pavilion!
    I feel like this one is kind of a given, but oh well what is there not to love! I can
always go for a game of putt-putt golf, a stroll through the animal wing or a
delicious shake from the Indiana FFA Country Market! I cannot forget to mention
how thrilled I am to see all the wonderful FFA members and guests in the
pavilion this year!

2. The Blue Ribbon Pavilion
    Why is this Seth’s second favorite thing about the State Fair? Because I have a
passion for showing sheep! When you can’t find me in FFA Pavilion you will
more than likely find me in the sheep barn prepping lambs for the show. Not to
mention it is also air conditioned and that’s always a plus!

3. The West Pavilion or better known as the Cattle Barn
    I guess you could say showing livestock is my thing because I thoroughly enjoy
my time in all the livestock barns. On the first and second weekends of the state
fair I occupy the cattle barn with my dairy steers and dairy cattle. I love my cows,
but they aren’t quite as high as the sheep!

4. The Indiana Farmer’s Coliseum
    This one is self-explanatory. In my opinion the Coliseum is one of THE coolest
places to show livestock! The atmosphere is unforgettable, and the Indiana State
Fair knows how to put on a show there.

5. The Dairy Bar
    As I mentioned earlier, I am a sucker for a good milkshake! When I’m on this
side of the track, the dairy bar is my go-to place for lunch or a snack. Each year I
look forward to the new milkshake flavors and grilled cheese options they create.
A favorite tradition of mine is when my dad and I enjoy a breakfast sandwich and
cold chocolate milk the morning of the dairy show!

6. The Pioneer Village
    This is a place that is packed with some true culture! I love seeing the traditional
side of the fairgrounds and the treats you can get from the village are oh so good.
Agriculture is backed by so much tradition, and by walking through the Pioneer
Village I get a true sense of what this tradition is.

7. The Pork Producer’s Tent
    I am a fair food enthusiast. The pork tent is one of the places I make sure I visit
every single year! No doubt a pork burger and some mac & cheese will come in
handy a few times during the fair. If it were not for the outrageous line at times, I
would frequent this place a lot more.

8. Go listen to some FREE music at the free stage
    The free stage is a must-see attraction at the Indiana State Fair. I love a good
concert and am always ready to listen to some great music. If you happen to be at
the fair during a free stage concert, make sure you stop in for some FREE

9. Indiana Soybean Alliance Glass Barn
    There is always an abundance of things to do in this building! I especially enjoy
acting as Benny the Bean for a few hours during the fair. Interacting with fair
guests as the Bean is such a fun experience. Not to mention the air conditioning
here is always a fantastic place to take a break during the hot days of fair!

10. King’s Sweet Tea
    Now I may catch from flack from this one, but I don’t go to the King’s tent for
sweet tea… I go for the unsweet tea! I love a cold unsweet tea and some ribbon
fries during the fair. Easily one of my favorite snacks during the fair, and the
reusable cup makes it even more tempting to go back for another. I’m definitely
on a first name basis with the King’s Sweet Tea crew by the end of the Fair!
Thanks for stopping in for Seth’s Top 10 favorite things to do at The Great Indiana State Fair!
I’m pumped for the fair this year and I can’t wait to see all the amazing members in the FFA
Pavilion. Hopefully, you partake in a few of my favorite things about the fair and come let me
know if you enjoyed them too!

All the best, 
Seth Ariens

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