Sunday, October 30, 2022

Life Lessons from Dad

Dads are full of life lessons… well at least mine is. While in the moment it’s hard to hold back an eye-roll, I’ve found these life lessons I heard all too often to have some truth to them. Below is a collection of my favorite quotes, with some help from my siblings, from dad:

  1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Coming from a dairy family, this is one we heard often. It didn’t matter how often it was cleaned, the milk parlor in the barn could always be cleaner. While we mostly heard this during chores, it applies to every part of our lives. I’ve realized I’m not only more comfortable, but a lot more productive when the space I’m in is clean. I guess my cows and I have a lot more in common than I thought…

  1. Turn it on.

We all have that switch. While some days that switch is easier than others, we all have a more professional and poised version of ourselves. This lesson has been especially useful during this year of state office. No matter how little sleep, how stressed, or how nervous I may be, I hear my dad’s voice in my head telling me to turn it on so that I can present the best version of myself. 

  1. Horseplay never ends well.

My siblings and I got this one a lot. No matter how much fun we were having, this “horseplay” would usually end in tears and fighting. While messing with siblings (or even teammates) is fun in the moment, it’s better to end it before it gets to that. 

  1. Get tough.

Another lesson we heard in the barn often and one we never enjoyed hearing. No matter how many times we got stepped on by a cow, had a heifer get loose, or had a goat horn to the stomach, we learned to wipe away our tears and try again. While my time in the barn is significantly less this year, this lesson of perseverance is something I’m grateful for daily. 

  1. Nothing good happens after midnight.

After getting my license, I would have a very strict curfew which would be followed by this piece of advice. Again, at the time, it was hard to hold back an eye-roll, but I’m grateful my parents wanted me home safe. While I’m definitely not a morning person, the excitement of staying up late is starting to wear off, and I’m beginning to see what my dad was talking about. 

  1. No one cares.

As harsh as this one sounds, this may be the most valuable lesson from my dad. After complaining or creating excuses, “no one cares” is something I hated to hear but now I’m thankful I did. Life is too short to spend it complaining about circumstances when we could be making the best of them. I’m still learning this lesson, but this is one I will definitely be passing on to my kids in the future. 

  1. Make good decisions. 

Even today, this is one I hear every time I leave the house. I had always thought this one was pretty self-explanatory (who would want to make a bad decision), but I’ve found it to be a little deeper than that. Every decision has consequences, good or bad, that need to be considered before we take action. This consideration drives us towards a more successful future and away from regret.

  1. Life is hard.

Thank you Seth for stealing this as my Blog title. This is absolutely my dad’s most popular life lesson. Again, this lesson taught me to be tough and that life isn’t always fair. While “life is hard” is a true sentiment, I’d like to add to this quote - “Life is hard, but it is what you make it.” There is positive in every situation, even if it doesn’t look like it at first. 

I wanted to share my dad’s wisdom with you all, just as he does with me daily. I hope his advice is based on true knowledge, and it's mostly ripened with wisdom :)

                            Make good decisions,



  1. Wonderful Jenna! I love it. /Elise

  2. LITERALLY SO PROUD OF YOU ALWAYS (love your big <3)

  3. You’re amazing!! (So is your dad) ❤️ Aunt April