Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Carson’s State Fair “Must-Do’s”

    The Great Indiana State Fair is finally here! While I may not have as much experience at the State Fair as some of my other teammates, especially when it comes to being in the show barns, I would love to share some of my “must-do’s” when spending the day on the fairgrounds! 

1. Stop by the Corteva Agriscience Indiana FFA Pavilion 

a. I may be biased to this part of the State Fair, but it is honestly one of my favorite places to go to or work. You can play a game of mini golf, see some abordable animals, and learn more about agriculture! This would not be possible without the countless members that volunteer their time to set up and work the pavilion, so shout out to y’all! 

2. Pineapple Dole Whip 

a. This is hands down my absolute favorite fair food! It’s refreshing, sweet, and tasty. What’s not to like about this amazing treat? Do not drive across the fairgrounds with an extra cup of Dole Whip for one of your teammates because it will melt and go everywhere … rookie mistake. Run, do not walk to the closest little pineapple! 

3. Tour the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Building 

a. Anytime my family and I went to the State Fair, we always made sure to stop by the DNR Building. Whether you prefer fishing in the pond or looking at all the fish that are native to Indiana, it is always a blast, and I would definitely recommend it!

If you have the opportunity to stop by The Indiana State Fair, make sure to do these three things and come see the new State Officer Team! We hope to see you there! 

See you soon, 

Carson Rudd 

State Reporter 2023-2024

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  1. Hi Carson, Just in case you didn’t already know that’s one of your teammates - Maddie’s fav as well!