Monday, September 25, 2023

Kickoff For a New Year Brings New Opportunities

A new year brings a chance for new opportunities. Throughout this year we will have the chance to take hold of these opportunities. There are opportunities that range from competing in so many different events to helping out our communities to even the opportunity to meet new people. 

FFA events allow us the opportunity to compete and show off all of our hard work and skills. Take the chance to compete in a CDE or LDE and sharpen your skills. Use this year to become a better leader or more skilled in your profession.

Take the chance and help out those in your community. FFA has a reputation for supporting the community and always giving back. Use that as an opportunity to help your community and truly impact those who already support you. One small act of kindness can change the world. 

Finally, take the chance to meet someone new. FFA allows you to meet members from your county, district, and even from all over the state. Making these connections allows us to create a network of individuals who can help us when we need it most.

As we travel throughout this year remember to take hold of so many different opportunities, and don’t miss the chance to make a difference. 

Conner Keeslar, Northern Region Vice President

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