Tuesday, January 16, 2024

New Year, New Mindset

I am sure we have all heard the timeless expression, “New Year, New Me,” which probably led to crafting a New Year’s resolution that you hoped would make the next year of your life the best yet. I’m not usually one to participate in making these resolutions, but that all changed this year. 

If you know me you know I love sarcasm, but sometimes satire can be very negative. That might have been why my mom got me a “365 Days of Positivity” desk calendar for Christmas. At first, I thought this gift was just a joke and my mom being my mom, but I decided to bring that calendar down to the Indiana FFA Leadership Center to sit on my desk. 

This year, I have incorporated a piece of positivity into my daily routine, leading me to create a New Year’s resolution to be a more positive person overall. This new goal is very vague and could look like many things to different people, but for me, it is all about reflection. Every day when I sit at my desk, I tear off a piece of paper, read a quote, and think about how to apply it to my life. Already halfway through the first month of the year, I have found some especially helpful and thought I would share them: 

January 1, 2024: “A positive mindset brings positive things.” - Phillip Reiter

  • What better way to start this new year and journey than this? Honestly, I have always heard iterations of this quote and have brushed it off. Mindset is so important, especially when it comes to trying new things. If you tackle a new challenge or experience with a positive mindset, growth will come out of it, no matter the outcome or result. 

January 3, 2024: “Lead from the heart, not the head” - Princess Diana

  • Leading with compassion from the heart can create a community around you. This is something that I have learned this year. You have to care and value those you are leading to have a positive impact and influence on them.

January 12, 2024: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” - Aesop

  • Kindness can brighten anyone’s day or put a smile on their face. My mom always tells my brother and I to choose kindness. Of course, my brother and I think it’s just a corny and kooky saying that our mom uses, but the weight her two words have is indescribable and a mindset most people lack. Remember, acts of kindness are always appreciated.

“New Year, New Me” has become a cliche in our culture, but New Year’s resolutions can encourage positive growth and change in our lives. As January winds down, revisit some of the goals you set for yourself this year or craft some new ones because you never know the growth they will allow until you can reflect on the experience. 

Keep Growing, 

Carson Rudd, State Reporter

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  1. I’m so glad you are using your calendar!! I truly appreciate this blog, Choose Kindness!! ❤️