Thursday, February 24, 2011

A piece of National FFA Week with Micah Matlock

Over 523,000 FFA members are celebrating National FFA week this week! My teammates and I have spread out all across the state of Indiana visiting dozens of FFA chapters as we celebrate National FFA week.  Monday, my teammate, Morgan Gadd and I had the opportunity to travel with the North Miami FFA Chapter as they went on their annual ski trip.

Each year, FFA members from North Miami FFA Chapter have the opportunity to go on a ski trip if they have achieved a certain number of points based on the chapter's participation points system.  By 6:30a.m. Monday morning, we had loaded up the school bus, departed from North Miami High School, and were heading north to Bittersweet Slops in southern Michigan.  Despite the early hour, the FFA members carried a high level of enthusiasm and maintained that energy all day long while skiing on the slopes until we returned home at 10:30p.m.  The ski trip was an amazing and unique way to celebrate our very own National FFA week.

All across the country this week, FFA members will be celebrating the fact that we are the future business owners, scientists, government officials, engineers, and farmers of our great nation.  This year, the National FFA theme, as well as the Indiana FFA theme is "Infinite Potential" meaning each and every FFA member has what it takes to accomplish anything we want to do.  The future belongs to the FFA members, just as it has since 1928...and it always will!

From FFA: Following the Future of Agriculture

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