Friday, February 11, 2011

Teaching Students to S.O.A.R.

Clinton Central High School was an exciting place to be on Wednesday evening. Around forty 7th-9th grade FFA members, from chapters all over district 5, came together to participate in "Mini-S.O.A.R." (Seeking Opportunities Achieving Results)

which was facilitated by Micah Matlock (State FFA Sentinel), Morgan Gadd (State FFA Northern Region Vice-President), and Nellie Bell (State FFA Southern Region Vice-President). That night, the students learned about character, opportunities in FFA, creating a clear vision, and developing better time management skills. The evening was filled with fun, excitement, and interactive learning.

Morgan Gadd leads one of the sessions on opportunity

Through the interactive session, the students were made aware of the many CDE’s (Career Development Events) that are available to them through FFA.  The State Officers served as a resource and answered any questions the students had about getting involved in the CDE contests. 

Micah Matlock works with the students

Making the connection between the logistics of competing in contests and the professional skills gained, was key in motivating students to become more involved in FFA activities. Along with making students aware of their opportunities in FFA, the State Officers helped to provide some tools for better goal setting and prioritizing in their daily lives.

Since the students from Clinton Central could not make it to the annual S.O.A.R. conference in the fall of last year, Mr. Rodger Carr (Clinton Central FFA Advisor) decided to bring S.O.A.R. to the students.  Mr. Carr invited the State FFA Officers to visit Clinton Central FFA where the “Mini-conference” was hosted in hopes to inspire students to attend the many leadership conferences hosted by the Indiana FFA.  Offering this “Mini-conference” allowed students to engage in conference like activities meant to motivate and promote premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. 

From FFA: Following the Future of Agriculture

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