Saturday, April 30, 2011

Counting up!

As I look at the countdown clock that hangs on the wall in our office, I am reminded of how not only is it counting down the time left to serve the Indiana FFA as state officers, but there is a much bigger clock that is counting down ALL of our time. How will we make it all count? One of the ways that I enjoy “making it count” is by visiting FFA chapters at their annual chapter banquets. These banquets are not only filled with some awesome fried chicken and pitch-in meals, but FFA members, parents and supporters that understand that FFA helps make a positive, lasting difference in the lives of students. From the countless award pins, plaques, and trophies, FFA members all over Indiana (and all over the US actually) are being recognized for incredible achievements that are making a difference. At the chapter level, FFA chapters are doing some pretty awesome things. From various service projects and multiple community activities, chapters across the state are “Making it count”.  As I look back over all of the achievements of Indiana FFA this year, I see nothing but potential as I look forward. So, with all of these things in mind, I believe that instead of the clock in our office counting down, I think it is actually counting up. It is counting up the success of this year and the potential of next year. Is your clock counting down or is it counting up?
From FFA: Following the Future of Agriculture

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