Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stars IN Indiana!

The Indiana FFA State officers have once again been on the road traveling the state of Indiana.  As we broke up into pairs we all went our separate ways.  This time however we were not presenting, speaking at a banquet, or promoting the FFA and agriculture at an event.  We were traveling around visiting the District Stars in Indiana, choosing the winners in the 4 categories.  Students compete to be the District Star in Agribusiness, Star in Agri-science, Star Farmer, and Star in Agricultural Placement.  Once a winner has been selected at the district level, then they compete for Section Star in their respective areas.  Once the Section Stars have been chosen, they will then compete at State Convention in June for the title of State Star.  Four state stars will be chosen for Indiana.  At these visits we get to see the hardwork and dedication FFA members are putting into their Supervised Agricultural Experiences.  We have toured dairy farms, beef cattle operations, commercial hog operations, family farm business, and even very own businesses that members have started.  We spend our time reviewing the submitted applications and seeing the students hard at work as we visit these places.  Students even have the opportunity to compete at the National level in the same 4 categories in hopes to become a national winner.  These members have endured extensive hours of work and really tell the story of agriculture.  Congratulations to all the District and Section Star winners!!

From FFA: Following the Future of Agriculture

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