Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Loving the Tours

On Monday the state officers woke up bright and early and headed to Indianapolis to visit with Mr. Gary Fuller at Lilly. We began the day with a delicious breakfast at headquarters. We had a great time exploring the national headquarters. They have a timeline in one room that shows how the company has evolved from its humble roots. The company was built because Eli Lilly decided that medicines were not high enough quality. From there, the company grew and grew and is always on the cutting edge of pharmaceuticals. 

From Lilly, we headed to Elanco in Greenfield. Elanco stands for Eli Lilly and Company. While we were there, Ted McKinney shared his knowledge of hunger with us. Elanco is dedicated to combat world hunger. We were all so impressed with how driven the company was to be successful at fighting this issue. We had the opportunity to tour the facilities and meet with some of the employees. 

On Wednesday, we had the privilege to head north to Tipton to visit Pioneer.  Pioneer is dedicated to the safety of their employees so got to wear hard hats and neon vests. We were so excited!
We took a tour of the facilities and it was really awesome to see what goes into preparing the seed for the field. 

We are all very thankful for our partners and for the opportunity to visit them and learn more about their companies.

With Love,

Shelby Sigman
Indiana FFA State Reporter

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